This week is a normal week. “Nothing strange nor startling here!“, as my Irish mother-in-law says to us most weeks when we phone her.  A great expression, which comforts me when I hear it.  The day she has strange or startling news, we are all in trouble…

So this week, all the after school activities are in their allotted places. Nothing is cancelled and there are no extra practices. I know absolutely who needs to be where and by when, and how I am going to manage it. There is nothing unusual on the calendar at all, and I am not going to need to call in any favours.

During the day, I have no press coming to the house, nor do I have any extracurricular concerts, rehearsals or meetings. Nothing in the house needs fixing (touch wood) and I am not expecting any deliveries nor other visits.  The cleaner will come on her allotted days, the shopping will arrive, and I have great expanses of unallotted time for a change.  What a relief….

Ever since the Christmas holidays I have been waiting for “life to return to normal”.  Secretly, I think I am using it as an excuse not to restart Project Declutter nor my diet and exercise programme.  The fact that it has taken till the end of January  is neither here nor there. Maybe this week, I will finally be able to get on the case.

In fact, if I look back at my diary, I haven’t had what I am defining as a ‘normal’ week, since the beginning of October.  Which if I look at it that way, means that my definition of ‘normal’ is not very normal for me at all.  For the last four months my life has been very interesting indeed, from the point of view of Motivating Mum, and also my singing, and very much the richer for it.  Never a dull moment in this house.

I was complaining to my friend Angela last week that I haven’t really got started with my New Years Resolutions yet.  “Ah yes, but you have sung in x concerts, made several TV and press appearances, launched a new website and made plans for a large charity event in March.”  So my report for January seems to be that I have achieved some of my goals, just perhaps not the ones that I thought I was going to focus on.

I’m going to enjoy my “normal week”, as a chance to catch up a bit, to draw breath and get ready for the next instalment.  Because life is great fun at the moment and I want to get out there and grab it.

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