Did you consider yourself high maintenance before you had children? Are you still keeping up appearances now you are a mum?  Does your appearance define you or is it all a bit of a faff?

Here’s my take on it all.

Do you follow fashion now you are a mum?

SO, the Duchess of Cambridge went on her first official Royal assignment after maternity leave with her third child. According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess has a new hairstyle, in fact, she always has a new hairstyle when she returns from maternity leave which is apparently all about “feeling empowered after giving birth”.

She went to a school and visited a wildlife garden- and she wore casual clothes – jeans and boots, which she has had for ages apparently. To some parts of society, this is apparently something of a scandal.

Really and truly I wonder what exactly people think she should have worn?

I’m frequently amazed when I look through my Facebook newsfeed and on the wider web and see conversations about what one should wear on the school run, how to easily choose your morning clothes, what to wear on a child’s playdate and so on.

I guess I have never really been one for fashion.  I was certainly that kid who always wore jeans at university, and I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into smart office wear for my career as an accountant. Me and tights just don’t get along

I occasionally treat myself to a manicure – but that’s about it

I wore a bit of makeup in those days, and was certainly keen on the occasional spa treatment; a facial, massage or mani-pedi, but I would certainly say that I have always prided myself on my brains rather than my looks, and never went overboard on my appearance.

Once I stopped work and the children came along, to be honest, I found it all a bit of a relief.  I ditched all the dry clean only clothes, anything which needed specialist washing or ironing, and any shoes with a heel higher than 2 or 3 cms.  Comfort over style every time.

Dress down Momdays – definitely my style

Now I’ve been working from home so long, I barely even know what smart clothes are.  I don’t work in PJs – I do have some standards at least, but I’m certainly in comfy slouchy casuals most days, with slippers,  trainers or boots on my feet. 

I hardly ever wear makeup, unless I’m performing, and I don’t even dye my hair despite being over 50. What a scandal!

Mum's the Boss
This is the real me – grey hairs and all!

Does this make me liberated or does it make me a slob?  I’m fairly certain opinions will be divided on this.

Thankfully where I live, most of my friends and the mums near me seem to be broadly similar in their outlook.  Quite a few of my friends are back at work now, so of course, they posh themselves up a bit, but I certainly never felt out of place at the school gates in my normal daytime wear – the type of clothes you might wear to walk the dogs in.

Because that, after all is what I do every day.

Be a sweetie
and pin this….

When I go out to coffee with my friends, for the most part, I feel quite comfortable among them.  A few of my friends wear light makeup and fashionable clothes, but I would say that most of my friends who don’t work outside the home would rather spend money on our children than ourselves.

My one little bit of high maintenance

I do have one little thing though, and some of my friends are the same.  One of them is super casual except for her ultra manicured nails.  Another one doesn’t wear much makeup but has a fetish for Louboutin shoes and has a collection of them, which she keeps for special occasions.

One friend stays on top of the latest gadgets and has a new phone every six months or so, one has kitchen gadgets aplenty and another one has splashed out on a fancy sports car.

So what’s my one little thing?  I love my handbags…

This is one little luxury that I have always had a thing for.  Back when I first met my husband, he used to call me the Ha-Ha girl – which stood for hat and handbag – even if the rest of my clothes weren’t the height of fashion I had a lovely felt hat and a sizeable collection of handbags.

When he realised my one weakness and decided to treat me to a Prada bag, I knew he was a keeper…  Dear reader,  I married him and gave up work

Since the children came along I have had to cut my expenditure back a little. I still feed my fantasies by browsing handbag boards on Pinterest or the Vogue bags section but I no longer have huge amounts of disposable income to splurge on bags.

 Pinterest handbags – my version of porn….

Sadly I wore out the Prada bag, so it had to be replaced. Fashion and colour co-ordination have given way to practicality.

My changing bag was a rucksack from Kipling, and I currently have two of their handbags that get rotated with the seasons for my main day bag.

For evening wear I have a little tiny black bag – which I particularly like using for when I go on stage, and this lovely pink number – I just love this colour.

At the weekends, I sometimes use this cute little bag that I picked up at a craft market.

And then there is my holiday bag. I picked this up in Fuerteventura a couple of years ago. It’s a bit bigger than my normal bags – big enough for me to take a book, some sun tan cream , a journal or whatever to the beach or to wherever I will be lounging for the day.

I just love the colours on this, and the little slogans; Making the World Better, Believe in Yourself, and Never be the same.  It cheers me up just to look at it.  It was a complete indulgence, but at the end of the day, I am so worth it!

So, over to you….  How high maintenance are you now that you are a mum? Does it make you happy to hold everything together perfectly, and present a well turned out appearance to the world every day, or are you a bit more laid back like me?

I’m not looking to judge in any way – I know we are all different.  I love the way I can be laid back and casual most of the time, but what degree of well turned out makes you feel the happiest in yourself, and is that what you actually do?

Do you have one little area where you still like a splurge?  Please let me know in the comments.   I’m sure I’m not alone.

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