Collaborative post. With the summer holidays, many of us are going to find ourselves making more and longer journeys in the car with the children. It’s certainly true that driving to your destination is much easier than public transport if you have a lot of children and luggage accompanying you, but this also means that your car will be working harder than normal.

I’ll freely admit, that my basic idea of car maintenance, is to make sure that the car goes in for regular servicing once a year. I also know how to react to a couple of the lights that appear on my dashboard from time to time, but apart from that, I don’t always give it much thought.

However, having experienced the great joy of breaking down onthe motorway with children and waiting for a tow truck, I would really recommend that you carry out at least a few basic maintenance checks before you et out on long holiday drives.

Change the oil regularly

One of the things you should do is, get your car oil changed from time to time, and make sure it is topped up to the correct level. Oil levels have to be sufficient so that your engine can consume energy properly. You should always keep an eye on car oil and make sure that everything is running smoothly. The last thing you need is a blown engine.

Make sure you have the right tyres and get them aligned

If your tyres are not the right match for your vehicle- then your car will not be able to perform efficiently. If you are not sure which tyres would be the best option, you can talk to experts who can guide you according to your requirements. 

If you get the right tyres but they are not aligned properly, that can cause your vehicle to lose grip on the road and you won’t have control. Wheel alignment and balancing is very important when trying to maintain your car. This is not something that you can do yourself, but it is well worth getting a professional to check this regularly, especially before a long trip

Check for tyre damage

If your tyres are worn out and you can see uneven bulges on the surface, that means they are not fit to drive. Damaged tyres can lead to road accidents as they don’t provide enough support.

If you are not confident about your tyres and you feel they should be replaced, there are many local dealers who are there to help you. Go over here on DAT Tyres website to get your car tyres replaced in London.

Never overload your car

Although it may seem tempting to pile your car up to the top when heading out for a trip, it will have bad implications. This will put extra pressure on your tyres and your vehicle could go out of balance.

Don’t forget that if you are carrying more passengers and/or more luggage than normal you may need to adjust the tyre pressures too. Consult your car’s manual for the recommended pressures for different load types.

Top up the Windscreen washer botttle

This may seem like a silly little thing, but it is incredibly annoying if you are driving on the motorway and something lands on your windscreen (especially bird poo or similar) and then you discover that you can’t wash it off until you get to the next service station. It sounds funny, but at worst your visibility could be severely limited and you could have an accident.

It takes no time at all to top up the water in your windscreen washer before you set off, and it can be a life saver.

With a few basic checks, you can make your car safer for everyone, and also improve its fuel efficiency, saving you money on your holiday travel.

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