If you are looking for a passive income or perhaps a second income that allows you to juggle a career and a family, then take a look at the custom made gifts market.

The custom made gift market continues to grow year on year, is easy to set up and get established, and with a little creative thought a little imagination you could find you have a great revenue stream. With this in mind, let’s look at the market and how to get started.

What are Custom Made Gifts?

Custom made goods are a blank canvas where you can create your own design offering on products. Normally, your design appears on either fabric or plastic-based goods. Clothing is particularly popular as are mugs and phone cases.

Often, custom made goods feature the name of a family member. This is where the market is taking off. As such, you can offer this facility to your target market and reap the benefits. You can also use your own product design as if you were a boutique.

You do not need to hold and buy stock with this kind of dropshipping model. Any purchased goods are created to order and shipped.

Custom made gifts

How it Works

To get up and running, you find a reputable company in the dropshipping and custom gift arena. There are plenty around but check reviews and feedback before you make a choice about who to use. Once you have found your preferred vendor, most work in the following way:

  • You choose your product – That is to say a t-shirt, bag, mug, etc.
  • You upload your design – Normally, this consists of pictures and text. You can either upload your own design or select premade clip art from your vendor. The better suppliers will show you a tutorial on how to do this and how it works. You should find you have plenty of custom options available to you, including fonts, colours, and overall design.

Once complete, you will now have a purchase price. This is how much you will be charged by your supplier every time one is bought. You should work out how much profit you want from each sale. So if the product cost is £10 to make. You want £5 profit; your selling price will be £15.

You can now market your new product and start selling but wait, it isn’t easy as that.

Marketing your Custom Made Gift Product

To market your custom made gift, you have a number of options. Consider:

  • Website – You can create a website to showcase and sell your new product. The better suppliers will be able to integrate with a range of the most common e-commerce tools such as Shopify and platforms such as Amazon.
  • Social Media – You can use your own social media connections to showcase and sell your product range. It is advisable to create a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram account to do this. It will make you look more professional and open up the possibility of paid ads. Do not rule out other social media channels.

    Anything visual should be marketed on Pinterest, and it is in your own interest to explore other popular platforms such as Twitter. As well as this, and if you have a way of doing it, YouTube is very powerful when configured correctly to drive sales.
  • Paid Online Ads – Paid ads normally take the form of pay per click. That is to say, you pay when a potential customer clicks your ad. That said, there are other models where you pay per landing page view, and more advanced ad formats are being introduced all the time. The secret to paid ad success is to ensure that your ad and landing page, i.e., the page a potential customer sees when the ad is clicked on has context. This can be and often is an ebook subject in of itself.

    Nonetheless, the general rule is that your ad and landing page have the same message and images and that it is clear how your customer can checkout. Most use Google Ads which appear on search engine results or Facebook where ads which are shown in feeds. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest work on similar models. YouTube ads can take the form of banners or videos. Worth leveraging if you have the means.
  • Search Engines – If you have the knowledge, you may want to consider search engine optimisation. This is a time-consuming affair but is a great traffic driver if you can get your online shop to show in the search engines. As a retail outlet, however, it is worth noting that search engine algorithms change quite regularly and Amazon is favoured on Google for retail products. If you want to go down this route, then it is strongly advised you bring in search engine experts as search engine success is time-consuming and often difficult to achieve.

Designing and selling custom made gifts make for a great secondary income stream and who knows, it could become your full-time job.

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