Not too long ago, the wise and sage gods of the marketing world told us that the key to success and infinite riches lay in the medium of content marketing.  Immediately, marketers across the globe began to create content and share it on social media and, lo and behold……..not much happened.

To be honest, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise – yes, good content is helpful but you need to do more than just write a good story in order to win social media.  You need to get to grips with social media advertising.  

Content Marketing – Quality not Quantity 

First things first, it’s time to take a look at your Quality Score.  This is a metric which Google uses to rate the quality of your keywords and can influence your PPC pricing.  On Facebook, this is known as a ‘Relevancy Score’ – whatever you call it, it’s crucial to the success of your content marketing. 

Before chucking a load of content out into the world, you first need to work on increasing your quality score by increasing post engagement rates – there’s no point in churning out content if nobody is engaging with it. 

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Creating your content

This may be stating the obvious but, your content needs to be interesting, relevant and to positively invite engagement.  Tailor your content to fit with what’s happening in the world right now and, make sure that it includes questions and discussion points in order to encourage your readers to connect with you. 

Share and promote

Once you’ve got your shiny new content sorted, it’s time to let people know about it.  Share your blog, feature or article on social media and then promote it using behavioural and demographic filters for the best chance of reaching your target audience. 


So, you’ve created classy content and sent it out into the world with social media advertising and you feel like you’re on a roll – don’t make the mistake of thinking that that’s the end of the journey. 

In order to make social media content marketing work for you, you need to take things one step further – re-marketing.  This, essentially, means finding out who is clicking from your social media to your website so that you can then target them again.  

Use your metrics to identify your visitors and then tag your site visitors with cookies.  You’re now ready to launch a remarketing campaign using display ads, social ads and more in order to keep those important customers engaged.  

Too many people these days are quick to complain that social media advertising and content marketing doesn’t work – it does but you do need to be prepared to put in the work rather than shoving your content onto social media and then hoping for the best. 

This article was written by Ben of Ben is the co-founder of a premium roller banners printer which distributes exhibition signage around the World.

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