Chillpod is a 10-minute audio download that can help you to reduce your stress levels – just what we all need right now.

So how is the current situation treating you?

Are you working harder than you have ever worked before? Are you battling on the front line, earning praise and admiration from the rest of us but collapsing into an exhausted heap every night

Are you locked in with aggravating and demanding toddlers, partners, teenagers, pets, parents or all of the above?

Are trying to work from home at a table that was never meant to be an office, with a manky old laptop, dodgy internet connection and one phone line between several of you?

Are you trying to home educate, while also trying to hold a home together as the rampaging hordes produce more mess and demands than you can handle? Do you feel like you are running a 24 hour a day diner, coffee shop or bar?

Or are you alone, trying to keep your brain active while seeing no other human souls all day?

Are you worried about the health of your self or family and friends, worried about your income levels, worried about where this all ends and what the world will be like?

I see you, I feel for you, I am you.

I’m well aware I have it pretty easy compared to some, although I still have my moments. There are four of us in our household and we seem to be taking it in turns to have down days, and to spark off each other now and again. The adults are working, and the teenagers are educating themselves. For the most part, it’s pretty good.

How the rest of you are coping is beyond me.

You are all heroes in your own individual ways, whether you are caring for others or just isolating yourself.

Look after yourself

Whatever your current situation is, please do whatever you can to look after yourself even if just for a short time each day. You matter too!

This current situation is going to have mental health repercussions for quite a while to come. If you are lucky enough to have spare time, spare money and sufficient space, maybe you are able to exercise more, take up new hobbies and do all the little jobs around the house that you have put off for so long. Maybe you can indulge yourself a lot.

But for many of you out there, a day is a good day if most of the members of the household got out of bed, changed out of pyjamas and managed to eat some food or other. If you are by yourself, you may sometimes feel like just not bothering at all some days and who could blame you?

So, from my position of relative comfort, I’m not going to get all bouncy telling you about all the wonderful things you could do for your self-improvement right now. Do what you can – that is all. It’s more than enough.

But I have got just one thing – one little thing that could help with your own ongoing mental health and resilience.

Get a free Chillpod

Can you possibly find ten minutes a day just for you – ten minutes when you can block out whatever your current stresses are and ignore the demands of others in your household or your work colleagues?

This ten minutes could be just before you switch the light out at bedtime, or first thing in the morning before you get up. Or, if you get the opportunity, to sit down undisturbed at any other time of day then do it then.

I’ve basically got a download for you to listen to – it’s called the Chillpod, and it is produced by my good friend Sandra Roycroft-Davis.

The Chillpod is part of her Slimpod weight loss programme. It is designed to help you calm down your agitated mind. When combined with the other pods in the Slimpod programme it can help you to reduce stress, sleep better and therefore cut down on emotional and habitual eating.

Used on its own, it can still help you to cut down your stress, relax your troubled mind and can lead to better sleep. And I don’t know about you but that is really what I need most right now.

Sandra is giving away the Chillpod at the moment to everyone that needs it. It’s the one thing she has in her business that everybody can benefit from, and so she wants you to have it for free and also to share it with your friends.

You can get your free Chillpod here. Just enter your email address and the Chillpod will be emailed to you. you can download it onto your phone, tablet or wherever.

If you feel you want to know more about the Slimpod weight loss programme, you can follow the link to Slimpod Gold on the website and learn about the 10-day free trial.

But there is no obligation to even look at that – the Chillpod stands alone and is fabulous for stress, whether you want to lose weight or not.

I hope this helps you. I love Chillpod because it’s easy and it works.

You don’t go into a trance, like with hypnosis, and it’s not completely free thinking like mindfulness meditation, where your thoughts go rambling off and it’s hard to bring them in line.

Chillpod is somewhere just nicely in the middle, where you are encouraged to find the safe space in your mind and calm down your troubles.

Take 10 minutes once or more per day, and see if it helps you cope with the rest of the stuff. I can’t make the stuff go away, sorry, but this may help a bit.

I’ll see you on the other side of all this madness.

download your free chillpod
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