A journal is an amazing tool to use for thinking more positively. It isn’t just for gaining more clarity and venting your frustrations, but it can help you on your journey to being a more positive person as well.

Take a few minutes at the same time every day and just jot down your thoughts. Don’t censor yourself, just get it all out on paper, then look at it and write a bit more about what you think or feel about what you have written. Or alternatively, you can follow a list of journal prompts – sometimes you can find that the questions being asked, lead you to answers you never knew you had inside you

Here are some of the ways in which you can use a journal to increase your positive thinking.

You Can Capture, Notice and Reframe Your Negative Thoughts

First of all, you can use the journal to help reframe your thoughts into more positive ones. This is one of the biggest hurdles of thinking more positively, since you can’t control negative things that happen in your life. Almost every day, unexpected events will transpire that might put you in a funk, make you feel sad or frustrated, or just really affect the day you had planned out for yourself.

I am ready for any challenges the world throws at me

Debbie O’Connor

While you can’t control these events, you can control how you deal with them. You can use your journal to write down your negative thoughts, then look at ways to make them positive. We will talk about this more in a later blog post, so you really understand how this works.

You Find Out Why You Have Negative Thoughts

As you begin journaling all your thoughts and feelings, you will also discover why it has been hard for you in the past to have more of a positive mindset. There are often patterns in the more negative things you think about, whether they are all related to goals you haven’t achieved, your work or school life, or even specific people in your life.

It is important to be open and honest in your journal, because that is how you will understand more about yourself and where your frame of mind comes from. By understanding WHY you have negative thoughts, you are able to make changes in your life to be a more positive person.

Using a journal can ground you , and give you access to your innermost thoughts

You can set yourself challenges and record your results

Some people like to use a bullet journal to record and track good things that they have done in tier day. If you are trying to lose weight or improve your healthy, you can record the workouts you have done, the steps taken, whether you have eaten healthily or drunk your daily water.

The act of recording these steps regularly, will actully give you more impetus to keep going with those things. When you have a visible record of good things done every day, you don’t want to break the chain.

I am replacing my unhealthy habits with new healthy ones

Debbie O’Connor

It Helps You Be More Grateful for the Good in Your Life

Lastly, we really like journaling for positivity because you can express gratitude. Being more grateful is all about understanding the good things in your life, whether it is your health, people, or where you live and work, and appreciating it. You can write down one thing to be grateful for each day in your journal, which immediately puts you in a better mood and helps you to think more positively.

I am thankful for the love in my life and for all the friends who support me

Debbie O’Connor

This is day 3 in a 7 -day Positive Thinking Challenge. if you would like to join us for 7 days of journal prompts to challenge your negativity, then please sign up below.

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