Have you been dreaming of redecorating your house but simply haven’t had the time or the energy to do it? Perhaps whilst everyone else was redecorating their homes during the lockdown period, you were focusing on family time because your children (who are not little anymore, even though it feels that way) were going to leave the nest soon to go to university. Now is the perfect time to start redecorating!

Or have you been wishing you knew how to give your home a small uplift without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your precious leisure time? Decorating can be fun, if it’s your thing, but painting and wallpapering can also be a horrible big chore and a source of tension between the adults who live in the house. I always dread it when my husband decides to do DIY – we all run and hide until he is done. The effect is wonderful but I sometimes wonder if the stress is worth it…

If you are looking for a little lift without fully decorating a whole room, how about upgrading your ironmongery? I have to admit, until I spoke to Ironmongery Experts, a family-run ironmongery business, I hadn’t even really considered the word Ironmongery, let alone thought about upgrading it. But, as they have some of the best ironmongery products online, I’ve now found myself browsing through and having all sorts of ideas!

In a recent blog post, Ironmongery Experts explained the importance of ironmongery and I loved it. It’s easy to forget about these little pieces of hardware and probably just think about them when they stop working – “oh the cupboard door isn’t closing right, I think we should replace the hinges” or “the door handle feels loose, we need to have a look at it”. Don’t worry, we all do it! What I want to get across is that ironmongery plays such an important role in our day-to-day life that we should give it some well-deserved thought.

Now, that I’ve made you look at your home ironmongery, you’re probably thinking about how it could use an upgrade. For some inspiration, I’ve put together some of the best ironmongery trends that will transform your home.

Matte black

Matte black ironmongery is my favourite trend, it’s mysterious, bold and elegant, all at the same time. Mummy Fever shares the same opinion, “Black ironmongery is elegant and bold at the same time plus, it will suit any interior and can be paired with any other coloured hardware.”

Matte black hardware is so special that these matte black knurled door handles and matte black cabinet handles are some of Ironmongery Experts’ best sellers. How stunning are these?

Golden hues

Make your interiors shine with brass and copper ironmongery, such as the Burlington satin brass knurled cupboard knobs and polished brass knurled t bar cabinet handles. As Mummy Vs Work mentioned in a blog post, “Ironmongery with golden hues screams elegance and luxury.

Whether you prefer rose gold or polished brass products, adding some golden hues around your home will make it that bit more special!”.

Mix and match hardware

If you think that the ironmongery in your house has to match, think again. Forget about the same colour or even the same style door handles throughout your home, mix and match door handles to create an interesting and unique interior décor.

Go even further and mix the hardware tones in a single room, such as the kitchen – matte black door handles for the main kitchen door and then some brass doorknobs on the cupboard doors. If you need some help, follow Ironmongery Experts’ guide on how to mix hardware finishes.

Do you have a passion for ironmongery? I dare you to show me your knobs and knockers…. Tweet me at @mumstheboss and show me what you have!

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