Spring has sprung, and for many of us that means it’s time for spring cleaning – time to brush away all the cobwebs and the wintry feeling and let the springtime in!

I’m not normally very good at this. My brain has been full of work and family stuff for what seems like forever, and while I usually have good intentions to tackle the spring cleaning, somehow the full depth of this never gets done.

But this year is different. For a start, the whole family has been stuck indoors for the best part of a year due to the pandemic. Things are definitely even more icky than normal and could use a breath of fresh air.

And then there is the big news… Yesterday was a very big day for me. It was my last day of work for a while, as I have decided to take a six-month sabbatical, and spend time with my family and working on me. I’ve been promising myself some self care time for so long, and now I finally have no more excuses – I have six months to really go for it.

So as March begins, and we have a full snow moon in Virgo which apparently means change and renewal, if you believe in such things, I’m going to start my change and renewal by deep cleaning my home. Here are some of the jobs that I’m going to tackle in my home over the next few weeks.

It's time for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

I’m not saying I don’t clean these areas at all – they of course get a cursory wipe down most days and a pretty thorough clean once a week. But there is always more to do. I’ll be deep cleaning the fridge, cooker and microwave in the kitchen, not to mention the washing machine and dishwasher. Then I’m going to deep clean and polish my granite – it’s looking a bit sad right now I’ve also looked up the best techniques for how to unblock a sink to avoid bad odours from stale foods. And finally the floor and skirting boards – so many unnamed horrors in the corners there…

In the bathroom, I’ll finally be tackling all the mould and limescale build-up, and waging war on the vast collection of toiletries that my daughter and I have accumulated over the years. She and I both have long hair, which quite often gets stuck in the bath plughole, so I will be researching how to unblock the drain in order to make the room smell sweet again and increase the water flow.

Wiping the cabinets, shelves, and counter tops

Getting inside all my kitchen cupboards is one job that I hate, but it will certainly be a big part of the spring cleaning mission. Wiping the inside shelves right to the back and also the cupboard doors and handles is a job that I frequently neglect and when I do tackle it, I am usually horrified by what I find lurking there.

Dusting the surfaces

Dusting the surfaces makes the actual cleaning easy. Again I do whizz over the whole house with a feather duster every so often, but this month I will be absolutely blitzing the dust in every corner. I’ll use my trusty microfibre cloths dry on most surfaces, but where the surfaces can take it, ill dampen the cloth slightly and use a drop or two of essential oils, to cheer me up while I dust and to add a pleasant aroma to the room.

It's time for spring cleaning - images of cleaning products
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We are a family of hoarders, and the amount of rubbish that has built up since I did my last serious declutter is quite staggering. I’ve been blaming it all on the pandemic – the fact that charity shops and even our local dump has been shut down has made decluttering difficult if not impossible. But now I have time on my hands – I’ll be able to use these places again as they open, and in the meantime I’ve got time to try things like ebay, freecycle, or even tackle some upcycling projects.

Setting up proper routines

This is an area where I want to make a proper habit change. Simple things like filling the dishwasher and running it each night, then emptying it each morning, and daily quick decluttering will make life so much easier for all of us. maybe I won’t need to do spring cleaning next year if I can build a regular cleaning routine?

Are You Spring Cleaning this Month?

Which parts of the spring cleaning schedule do you look forward to and which parts fill you with dread? Do you have any hints and tips to make it all easer for those of us that haven’t deep-cleaned for a while? Or do you have a regular cleaning routine that works fine, such that you don’t need to do a thorough deep clean? Please share what works for you – I need all the help I can get.

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