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I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Vitali-Chi and asked if I would promote their new vegan-friendly skincare and wellness range, and they sent me some samples to review. Vitali-Chi are actively recruiting bloggers, influencers and affiliates right now. So in this post I am going to review some of the company’s most popular products, talk a bit about the affiliate scheme, and right at the bottom there is a giveaway where you can win some face cream and some bath salts.

If you’re just here for the business details or for the giveaway you can skip directly to the relevant section by clicking below – otherwise please read on:

Who are Vitali-Chi?

Vitali-Chi is run by a husband and wife team in Mersea, Essex. Jill Jesson has been a holistic therapist for over 30 years – her husband Allen runs the tech side of the business. Together they have developed the skincare and wellness range and now they are looking for help to spread the word.

Review of Products

On the face of it, I immediately liked the sound of this company and its products. All products are suitable for vegans, – they contain no animal products, nor any ingredients tested on animals. The products are also paraben-free, which is something I am actively looking for right now.

The company also has a recycling scheme – send back 3 or more jars or bottles and you get a £10 voucher for future purchases. That really ticks my boxes too – I’d love to see more companies doing this.

So are the products any good? This is what I thought of the samples I received:

VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face cream

VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face Cream from Vitali-Chi

This was the first product I went for out of my sample kit – I’m quite fussy about face creams and find, now I’m menopausal that anything too sticky or thick feels irritating to me.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The active ingredients include aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower and avocado oils, rooibos and raspberry leaf, allantoin and neem.The product is not fragranced as such but to me it smells earthy, nutty and wholesome. It went on really well and made my skin feel lovely – the effects have lasted all day so far.

VGeneré Fragranced Anti-Ageing Face Oil

VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face oil from Vitali-Chi

So, having scored a winner with the Face Cream I decided to put some Face Oil on too. I don’t normally put anything oily on my face, apart from suntan cream in the summer, so I took it very carefully and applied a very small amount. As such, it didn’t feel too oily at all, and the fragrance (lemon and sandalwood) is really lovely. This product comes in an unfragranced version too, if you are not really a citrussy person.

Super-Eze Bath Salts

Super-Eze bath salts from Vitali-Chi

I couldn’t wait to have a bath with these bath salts – the product blurb is very persuasive

“Fragranced, suitable for physical and emotional pain, tight and sore muscles, ligaments and tendons, joint stiffness and calcified bones. A combination of mineral-rich Epsom and Dead Sea salts with Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils which also help strengthen the immune system, ease stress, nervous tension and exhaustion and improve skin conditions.”

Sounds lovely , doesn’t it, and it certainly was a lovely relaxing bath. I don’t generally bath so much when it gets hot in the summer, but this will definitely be on my list when autumn comes.

Super-Eze Gel

Super-Eze Gel from Vitali-Chi

There aren’t any specific instructions as to how to use this gel but I rubbed it into my neck and very stiff shoulder just before bed. Something definitely worked as I was out like a light and slept very deeply. It’s possible to get the Super-Eze bath salts and gel together in a multipack, saving you £5. This is one of several gift sets you can buy, which will make very good presents

VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face Mask

VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face Mask from Vitali-Chi

More Lemon and Sandalwood and the possibility of leaving the mask on overnight so it can really soak in. I applied this liberally to my face after my bath and just before bed. The aroma was lovely – great to go to sleep with. In the morning my skin felt lovely and no sticky residue. This is going to become a regular treat for me – I will probably add this to my skincare routine, once a week or so,

VGeneré Hand and Foot cream

VGeneré Hand and Foot Cream from Vitali-Chi

This cream is a bit too thick for a hand cream in my opinion, by the time I’d finished anointing my feet I felt like I wanted to go and wash them. But I did slather it all over my feet after my bath and just before bed. My feet do get very sweaty and unpleasant in the summer and the cream was a real treat. I love the idea that it will help with bacteria and fungus as well as moisturising my feet and smelling divine. I topped this off with a little dab of the Immune Defence Gel (see below) in between my toes for an added anti-fungal dose. My feet were soft and beautiful in the morning and they smell lovely (not something I normally say!).

VGeneré Fragranced Body Cream

VGeneré Body Cream from Vitali-Chi

The sample of body cream is not really big enough to give a full opinion. So, I decided to apply it to one arm and the thigh and knee of one leg – that was about as much as there was in the pot – my skin after a bath will suck up products like nobody’s business. It was perfectly pleasant to apply, but nothing particularly special, and certainly by the next morning I couldn’t tell which arm and been treated and which not. I’m not a great one for body cream at the best of times though. It was fine and nothing wrong with it, but out of the 10 sample products, this is probably the one that I would be least likely to purchase.

I might be tempted to buy the unfragranced body cream and use it as a carrier for some of my own essential oil blends when I’m slathering myself at bedtime, and I’m also tempted by the Sensuous Love Potion body lotion.

Immune Defence Fragranced Gel

Immune Defense Gel from Vitali-Chi

As I said above, I put this on my toes as part of my footcare routine. The product blurb says it’s also good for sinuses, coughs colds etc. so I look forward to trying it out against those critters when the cold season returns.

Positive Attitude AromaFrequencies

Positive Attitude AromaFrequencies from Vitali-Chi

This is an essential oil blend containing Tangerine and Bergamot, one of 25 AromaFrequencies blends which the company offers, on their own or in gift packs. I love all citrus-based blends, and this combination really does it for me. It’s in my office diffuser full-time right now, and also in my car

Crystal Clear Aura Spray and Room Spray

Crystal Clear Aura and Room Spray from Vitali-Chi

I love the little tiny spray bottle that this sample comes in – I’m definitely going to keep refilling it and keep it in my handbag for a little aroma boost. The active aromas in this spray are tea tree and lemon and the overall effect is uplifting and happy.

So there you have a very quick run through the samples – if you fancy any of these products, you can get a 10% discount by applying the code MUMSTHEBOSS at checkout. Alternatively, you can get your own little pack of free samples and try these lovely products before you buy them.

All you have to do is join the Vitali-Chi Affiliate scheme. It’s free to join – you don’t even have to recommend the products if you don’t want to – but if you do there are perks. In the next section, I’m going to tell you a bit more about the Vitali-Chi business opportunity

The Opportunity: Vitali-Chi Affiliate and Ambassador Scheme

Vitali-Chi Ambassador scheme

So now the lovely people at Vitali-Chi have developed this range of skincare and put a website together to promote it on – of course they are now looking for some more people to help them sell it.

Originally they set up an Ambassador scheme – with a party plan package of discounted products, a 6-level compensation plan, and all the information you need to set up a party business around Vitali-Chi. But this method of expansion has been severely hampered due to the pandemic, as home parties just haven’t been happening. This package is still available if lockdown is easing where you are, and you want to get started with something like this, but there is also an easier way.

Alongside the Ambassador scheme, they have now set up an Affiliate programme, which is free to join. Affiliates get a sample pack including the 10 products I reviewed above. They get a 15% discount on all purchases and a 10% discount code which they can pass on to customers, just like my code MUMSTHEBOSS above. Affiliates can blog about the products, post on social media, demonstrate them in videos, or whatever they want to do. There are no sales targets and very few rules.

The really amazing thing is that Vitali-Chi has extended the six-level compensation plan to Affiliates as well as Ambassadors. So that means that you can get started in a small way as an Affiliate, and then buy the Ambassador pack (at a 15% discount) once you have made a little bit of money and you are ready to go further with your skincare business.

This sounds like a match made in heaven for me – an opportunity to try not only the products but also the business, with very little to lose. Sign up as an Affiliate and get your free sample products today – you will get some emails and help from the business team to get you started with selling if you want to, or you can just enjoy the products, and share them with family and friends.

Giveaway: Win a bottle of VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face Cream and a pot of Super-Eze Bath Salts

And finally, here’s the bit which I know a lot of you are here for. One lucky reader will receive one bottle of VGeneré Anti-Ageing Face Cream and a pot of Super-Eze Bath Salts. You can see my reviews of these products above – I’m loving them so far! But I’m happy to share. Please join in this contest below. Please note, I will only ship the prize within the UK.

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