It’s undeniable that traditional pergolas look beautiful. Wooden outdoor structures with a stunning latticed roof to offer shade and style to a patio, garden or terrace. However, their functionality can be questioned (at least for homes in England, where it rains most of the time!).

We want to have outdoor structures that help us make the most of our gardens no matter what the weather decides to do. We want to be outside more often. We want to have an alfresco lunch and not worry about the rain or the wind. We could move to a different country, to a sunny country… Maybe one day, who knows? For now, a modern pergola might be a better solution.

What are modern pergolas? Good question. Designer Shade Solutions UK retractable pergolas specialists will help me answer that one! Modern pergolas are functional and stylish outdoor structures that feature a retractable and tilting roof that can be easily closed if it starts to rain, it can open for you to fully enjoy the sun or simply be tilted for some shade. This means that you can be outside no matter what the weather – imagine enjoying your outdoor space all year round, doesn’t it sound fabulous?

Maria from Suburban Mum says, “These modern pergolas feature a retractable and tilting louvred roof that gives you all the flexibility you will ever need, to make the most out of your outdoor space.” Plus, besides giving your garden an interesting focal point, these pergolas also increase your home’s value and add privacy, what else do you need?

Want to have a focal point in your garden? Install these in the middle of your outdoor space. Want to extend your living space? These can also be installed attached to your home. As this article on the Spruce mentions, “when attached to a house, a pergola will extend from the exterior side or roof, creating a shaded or semi-shaded space that links the interior of the house to the landscape. In other words, it provides some sort of roof for a patio, deck, or outdoor room.

Do you want to know the best thing about these pergolas? These modern pergolas can be combined with lighting, heating and glass side screens to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor retreat that you can use rain or shine. Imagine having the comfort of an indoor space whilst enjoying the panoramic outdoor views of your outdoor space, these are simply perfect!

What do you think of these modern pergolas?

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