The kids might have been back at school for the first half of term, but we have all been waiting for that dreaded call or text message to tell you to come and pick them up because they have been a close contact, or because their class or the whole school has to close for a while due to COVID. After so long with children at home, many people have seen the return to school as a blessed relief and a return to something like normality. If it comes tumbling down for you again, or if your children haven’t adjusted so well to the return to school, here are some things you could do.

Take a look at homeschooling

Quite a few parents found that they actually enjoyed homeschooling their children during the pandemic, and have since moved to make this a permanent arrangement. Maybe you didn’t enjoy it so much at the time, but you have realised that your child hasn’t really settled back at school and maybe lessons at home might wrok better for them for a while. And, you have already done it so you should be able to cope with the demands of homeschooling. The question is, will your kids be ok with this? If they would really prefer to be at school with their friends, you need to think carefully before moving them out.

Get some help

If your children want to be at school, (or you really need them to be there), but you feel that they may have missed out on some vital learning, and are falling behind a bit, then you could look into Maths and Physics tutoring online. This form of learning is becoming popular as a way to help support our kids and the teachers after the last few years. Sometimes all it takes is for a child to have a different teacher and a bit of one-to-one attention, getting their specific questions answered fully, and they will soon catch up again.

Look after the Little Ones

One of the things that parents found hard with the older children at home, was the need to provide activities for different ages of children all at once. The older children often had work set by school, but as a mum, you have to keep the young ones and babies occupied, so that the older ones can concentrate on what they are doing. one mum made a new business of finding activities for younger children to do using mainly household essentials – her book Simple Activities for Toddlers should give you inspiration if you are juggling the needs of different aged children at home.

Maybe some of the big kids can join in the toddler activities too – it doesn’t have to always be about work. make sure to have some fun as a family

Reinforce the guidelines

There have been plenty of rumours about masks and bubbles and how Covid is being spread around schools. One way that you can reduce the risk of your child being sent home after a cCOVID care is to ensure they keep themselves as protected as possible from the germs that are going around

Make sure that your kids know about the guidelines and that they follow them. We know that certain places do not require a mask anymore but if it will make you feel safer, then make sure that your children wear one. Also, make sure that they have plenty of hand sanitiser to be used throughout the day. The guidelines are changing, one thing we can agree on is that nobody ended up with the common cold while we were using Hands, Face, Space. And, there are a lot of people who would like to keep it this way and would like to avoid getting sick again.

Get some rest

When you are tired, it is easier to get stressed and spin things out of control. Let’s face it, the last few years have been exhausting for everyone so it might be a good idea to try and get some rest. Clear your schedule every so often and take time for yourself. Put down the phone, turn off the TV, and rest. This can be tough because we have become accustomed to doomscrolling through our phones and checking the latest news. It doesn’t do anyone any favours.

Try to get as much sleep as possible and model good habits of balancing work time with healthy nutrition and relaxation. You need to keep as well as possible in order to fight off any viral infections such as the common cold, flu, or Covid.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can cope with your kids going back to school. If you think that you and your family need some extra support from the school, reach out and speak to the school about your concerns. They might have a system in place to help you and your family.

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