Not every blog is successful. The blogosphere is a very competitive place right now, and it takes more than a bit of effort to stand out in a large crowd. Bloggers who start writing with no long-term goals in mind, often find themselves running out of creative ideas or time within a few weeks or months. As a result, an active blog can fall rapidly into oblivion.

There are approximately 600 million blogs around the world and 2.5 billion blog posts published every year. The competition for visibility is huge. It’s getting harder and harder to find a niche that is not too competitive and to produce content that will stand out and get seen. Of course, the time spent writing, formatting, and publishing posts is not in vain. But, on its own, it’s not enough to attract visitors to a new blog You need to establish a strong digital strategy for writing and promoting each post.

Target what people search for

If you want to attract more visitors to your blog, you need to figure out who exactly you are writing to, and what your followers are interested in. If you are intending to make money with your blog, it’s not enough to write about things that you happen to like – you need to target a specific group of blog followers and write posts that answer questions and solve problems for that group. Once you have their attention, then you can start suggesting things that they will want to spend money on

How do I target my readers, you ask. The answer is easy: With SEO (search engine optimisation). Indeed, there’s a lot to be said about how SEO can help you generate more traffic and sales by making your content visible to the most relevant audience. You might think that SEO is only about using keywords appropriately within your content. In reality, you can use SEO to identify the relevant trends within your market, the most valuable keywords for your blog, and the search engine ranking performance of each article. 

Build your blog networks

No blogger can survive within a helpful and supportive network. You. might be thinking friends and parents. But, when it comes to your digital network, you need to think of expanding your circle of blogging contacts. When it comes to visibility, it is a double advantage. Firstly, you can leverage the other bloggers’ audiences to improve your visibility, reaching out to new readers. Secondly, natural link exchanges carry SEO weight, helping you gain authority and boost your ranking position. Come and join my big friendly group of bloggers on Facebook in the Blogging Mums Club if you are blogging and marketing to mums

Write and publish a book

It may seem odd to write a book as a marketing tool. However, you’d be surprised to know how many bloggers publish books. Self-publishing platforms are popular for bloggers who want to get a book out without the hassle of finding an agent and using traditional publishing. Publishing your book using a platform such as the Kindle Direct Publishing, which links to Amazon, makes sense as you’ll be with the first retailer for books in the world. Additionally, you can link back to your blog to enhance visibility. 

What are the many advantages of a book for your blog? First of all, writing a book establishes you as an expert in your niche. It adds authority to your words. It’s a great headline to write on top of your blogger’s bio: Author of xx books. More importantly, you can use the book as the first point of contact. For instance, you can join book fairs as an author while ensuring that your book cover also mentions your blog. This will grow your reach significantly. Alternatively, you can be invited to events to discuss your book, especially for business topics. It’s the opportunity to let your blog shine! 

Reach out to your audience

Keyword analysis and research will determine which trends are relevant to your audience. But you can leverage your audience’s experience to drive more traffic. Encouraging regular and loyal readers to share their day-to-day experiences can be a fantastic opportunity to tap into their followers. 

For instance, you can ask a reader or a guest expert to write an article that expands on some of their comments on a motherhood blog. Topics such as natural childbirth could be relevant to your audience. If that wasn’t your own birth experience, your most engaged readers may be willing to help. So, if a reader comments mentioning experiences you are not familiar with, why not reach out and discuss the possibility of writing a guest post? This will encourage more web traffic, as the guest writer is likely to share the link with their friends and contacts. 

If the reader is uncomfortable writing an article, you could suggest an interview instead. This can be transcribed later for the blog. 

Be a social media wizard

Write a blog, share the post on social media, check web traffic metrics – and repeat.

Social media platforms are a good place to promote your blog articles. However, if your social media activities only revolve around sharing your own blog, followers can get a little bored with them. To increase blog awareness and grow your audience, you need to figure out how to connect and engage with people on social media.

Each of the different social media platforms has its own style. My advice would be to pick one or two platforms where your target market is likely to hang out, and then get as much knowledge as you can about how to use those platforms to your best advantage. The rules and algorithms on each platform change regularly, so you need to keep your knowledge up to date, and adapt to suit the changing tends on each platform

Blog promotion can feel samey and dull, so you need to mix it up with engaging social media content such as running contests, for instance. This can be a good idea if you’ve received free items from a partner brand, as you can use it as a giveaway. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, start polls, and answer comments to drive visibility. 

Are you ready to bring your blog presence to the next level? Driving valuable traffic to your blog is the first step to allowing you to monetise it and establish yourself as a successful blogger. 

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