A few weeks ago I wrote about planting up my summer garden using plants from Thompson and Morgan and Lechuza self-watering pots from Get Potted.

When I wrote it, I had just a few green things arranged in just a couple of Lechuza pots, with more pots and plants on order. I was looking forward to a warm balmy summer, and being able to show off my lovely garden. I had done no-mow May so there were quite a few things that needed tidying up, but I was confident that it would all turn out lovely.

Where I started from – one Lechuza pot with the first of the summer flowers

What’s special about Lechuza Pots

Lechuza pots have a very clever system where you can fill up a reservoir of water under each pot and it is absorbed up into the root system of your plants. There are various ways of dong this depending on the size and shape of the pot, but what they all have in common is a handy little water meter to let you know when the pot needs topping up again. The instructions that come with the posts also recommend topping up with a bit of surface watering for the first few weeks, but I think the amount and duration of this will depend on the plants you are growing and also on the weather.

Look at them go!

Summer 2022

I have to say things didn’t quite go to plan with my garden design this summer. The scorching heatwave followed by days of hot, muggy but very dry weather has made for quite an extreme summer. The news of wildfires, water shortages, hosepipe bans and record-breaking temperatures was quite scary in parts. The idea of cultivating a garden full of flowers and keeping them watered every day, started to look like an unnecessary indulgence, especially as on many days it is too hot to sit outside and enjoy it

So I decided to cut down my ambitions a bit. We have to keep water in the pond and keep the pump running because there are fish there, but we decided to let the lawn do its own thing and die back – it will certainly spring back when autumn comes. And I also took the decision to stop buying new plants and make do with the ones that were pre-ordered.

All pots converted to Lechuza – let summer begin!

So how did the Lechuza pots and my plant choices fare?

I selected some bedding plant mixtures from Thompson and Morgan – and it has to be said that certain types of plants have done a lot better than others in the conditions that we find ourselves in. The absolute winners have to be geraniums and petunias, with gazanias a close third. Thankfully I ordered quite a few different types of petunias in lots of different colours and patterns, so that has made for a very colourful floral display.

I have really enjoyed the fact that I haven’t had to water the garden every single day. I’m typically topping the pots up every 3-4 days and it’s really helpful to see what the water level is.

My absolute miracle plant is this lovely little potted willow tree. I’ve had it for about three years and it hasn’t been doing very well. I moved it into a Lechuza pot and saw straight away that it likes to drink a whole lot more water than I ever gave it before. The water meter is a great way of getting to know what your plant is actually doing and helping you to look after it better.

Another great thing about the Lechuza system is the water comes up to the roots from below and so you do not lose as much water as you would through surface watering, where not all of the water will permeate down to the roots. I have probably been guilty in the past of not watering thoroughly and for long enough – I tend to just get the surface wet and not necessarily let everything soak down to where it needs to go. This way uses your water efficiently and more effectively with less wastage.

Before and after

So overall I am delighted with my Lechuza planters and I will definitely keep on using them, and slowly but surely I will convert my entire garden to this system and all my indoor plants too. I’m learning what each different type of plant needs and I’m really pleased with the results, especially given the extreme weather conditions this year.

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