I am sure all of us, over the past year or more, have started to ‘feel the pinch’ at home as food and fuel prices rise. Disposable household incomes are shrinking and families are being forced to economise in all areas. And now with Christmas just around the corner it has never been more important to watch the pennies and shop around for the best deals.

But whilst you may have started being more careful with the household budget, have you also stopped and looked at your business expenses and how they have risen over the past twelve months? If you work from home, how have your heating bills increased since this time last year? If you are on the phone a lot to customers, are you sure you are still getting the best deal on your telephone and broadband package?

With everything else there is to be done, the thought of changing can be daunting – and if you are anything  like me, jobs like ‘shopping round’ and ‘comparing quotes’ always ends up at the bottom on the To Do list, as I am left baffled by all the options and finally lose patience. That is why using a price comparison site can often save both your sanity and your money.

uSwitch for Business is a price comparison site that specialises in doing the hard work for businesses and finding them the best deals around for their gas and electricity for business, insurance and communications. They offer a range of services – call backs, instant online quotes – or you can even send them your bills and will work out the best deal for your business needs.

So before the mania of Christmas really kicks in, why not pencil in a little time to take a look at your business expenses and see if you can get a better deal. You never know, you might save enough to treat yourself to a little something – or to have a Christmas meal out to celebrate the success of another year in business.

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