With January just around the corner, plenty of homeowners out there will be thinking of ways to spice up your living spaces in the New Year. But rather than tearing down walls, extending out into your garden and converting lofts, there are a number of smaller, less terrifying changes that you can make – but they will all give you more space and provide you with a more comfortable 2016.

The first thing you should do is remove all of your clutter; treat January as a fresh start and take a new, invigorated and impartial look at all the stuff you’ve been hanging onto “just in case”. In terms of clothing, if you haven’t worn it in the last twelve months, you’re unlikely to wear it in the next twelve months either – so be ruthless and get rid.

Take it to a charity shop to crank up those karma points – and reap the benefits when you come home to clutter-free wardrobes and drawers. Not only is all that clutter currently making your house look dated and dirty, letting go of it also will also give you the perfect excuse to splurge on new items in the January sales – talk about a win-win scenario!

Lighting is a key part of any household, and the addition of a few stylish but inexpensive lamps (with suitable bulbs). Choosing lights specific for certain areas can break up large rooms at minimal cost (and with minimal effort), so divide your needs (and spaces) into three key types: ‘Ambient’ lighting for general, soft illumination, ‘task’ lighting for activities such as reading and food preparation, or ‘accent’ lighting, which is used to highlight features such as paintings or art work.


Not only will this make your home more stylish and contemporary, it can also reduce electricity bills by using lights of a lower wattage and will partition your house without the need for additional walls or claustrophobic curtains.

But furniture will probably be the key component of what defines your home, and it’s crucial to find pieces that mirror your attitude and style. Your bed is probably one of the most important investments you will ever make – after all, what else do you spend one third of your life in and look forward to every day, but buy for just a few hundred pounds?


With this in mind, a great place to start would be Bedstar, whose lines of beds and mattresses cover every possible eventuality – from contemporary styles that recline at the flick of a switch, to classic options that reveal widescreen televisions as if from nowhere – and with prices to suit virtually every budget, if you want it, they probably stock it. Take a look around their comprehensive website and as soon as you’ve found the perfect model, you can get that bed here with the added bonus of free delivery on orders over £299.

Combined with your new de-cluttered look and some clever lighting, your home will be looking great in time for 2016 – and at minimal cost (and maximum karma points) too. It’ll be a Happy New Year for plenty of you, so enjoy your decorating!

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