I explained in yesterday’s blog that I decided to take the whole of August off in order to have a proper summer. So on 1st September I dragged myself reluctantly back to work….

Here I am back at my desk again, after a whole month off.

OK that is not strictly true.  Next week I will be officially back to work, sitting at my proper desk in my proper office and keeping real office hours while the children are back at school.  For today, the first day back, I am having to content myself with sitting at the dining table, as my desk is piled up with all sorts of unmentionable rubbish which will need to be excavated over the weekend. But please don’t judge me, I’m sure I’m not alone….

back to work
This isn’t my desk, but it could be…. photo by Shutterstock

I have had an amazing rest and relaxation over the summer – I have chilled and de-stressed far beyond what I honestly thought was possible. However the downside of that, is that my desk and my office now seem like an alien place, and my computer is a medieval instrument of torture, designed to tie me down and break me, when my spirit is longing to go running through green fields and splashing in the sea with the children.

I’m sure after a couple of weeks back it will feel as if I have never been away, but I don’t know about you – the first day back to work just seems so surreal….. this is a desk, a computer, social media accounts…  but can somebody please remind me what exactly it is I do here?

Dig out the plan and follow it

Thankfully I made plans and set goals over the course of the summer, otherwise I might never figure out what to do.

I want to take this blog of mine, and my life in general, somewhere wonderful over the next year.  So it is finally time to knuckle down, set up some new healthy habits, and get going.

On the blogging side, I am starting with Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge.  So I’m hoping that you will be seeing quite a bit more content from me over the course of the next month and maybe some of it may actually be good….  I just looked back over my blog and realised that I have only published 33 posts between January and August – so 30 more posts in September will be a bit of a stretch, but I really want to give it a go.

As for the rest of my life, it is only 10am as I write this, but I have already rowed 2000m, meditated for 15 minutes and had a healthy breakfast. This is the start of a new morning routine that I intend to keep up throughout September.

I have set goals in other areas of my life too – I will be sharing those in some more posts over the next week. Somehow this time the goal setting seems a bit more concrete, achievable and realistic.

back to work
This is how I imagine my home office…

In the meantime – it is time to stop banging on, time to stop blogging and to get on and rediscover all the other bits of my working life.  See you on Facebook, guys!     (it’s work, honest…..)

Did you take a long break in August?  If so how does it feel for you going back to work?  I’d love to hear your comments…

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