Getting what you want

Do you really know what it is that you want? If you don’t know what it is then how can you go about getting what you want in life?

Sometimes this can be a really difficult thing to know. You may be feeling as though you are stuck with your current situation and you don’t know how to get out of it. Working in a job you hate or being in a bad relationship is not going to improve your quality of life.

I’ve been looking and thinking about this a lot just recently.  I have been working from home for 13 years now,  since just before my daughter was born.  It has been lovely being there for them as they have grown up and I wouldn’t have missed any part of it.

But my son, my youngest, is going into Year 6 next year, and then he will be off to secondary school.  Having seen the changes that have come over my daughter in Year 7,  I realise that I am not going to be needed anywhere near so much going forward.  So maybe the time is right to make a change and do something for myself.

I have promised myself to take a good look over the next year.  Is it time for me to go back to work?  Do I want to retrain for something?  Should I work at this blog until I become famous?  Time for me to decide what it is that I really want from life over the next ten years, so that I can go ahead and make it happen.

SO how do you go about getting what you really want in life?  I’ve been doing some research and this seems to be the best method

Your first step in really discovering what you want out of life is to sit down and think deeply about what it is you want. Think about it, you can’t ask for something if you don’t know what to ask for!

Getting what you want in life

It can be really helpful to ask yourself a few questions to bring your true wants, hopes and desires out into the open. While you don’t have to know exactly what it is you want, you should at least know the direction you want to go in.

Once you have a pretty good idea of what it is you want, your next step is to know how to ask for it. While the notion of asking for what you want sounds easy enough, it can be difficult to put into motion.

You may not feel comfortable in asking for whatever it is you want. Or you may feel that you are not worthy of it. Another scenario is that you feel inadequate to ask for something.

Your very first step is to then become comfortable with the art of asking for something!

This means asking all kinds of people for things including your friends, your boss, your husband and even just asking the universe. So start with asking for something in private to the universe or to God. As well as just asking for this thing, share with the universe your plans on how you want this to come about.

Share your wants, your goals and your action plan.

Once you have come this far it is really important that you don’t give up. If you don’t get what you want right away, be patient and learn to be flexible.

Sometimes it can take days, weeks or even years for you to get what you want in life. It is important to take action that puts you on the right path.

Getting what you want in life

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