How do you pick your best blog posts for Pinterest? If you ‘ve been blogging for a while and then decide to start pinning, how do you know which posts will work on there? This was my conundrum last year…

I started using Pinterest properly in May 2018. Prior to that, I had a Pinterest account, but I didn’t really think it was a platform that was relevant to my blog. In my own mind, this blog is about helping mums with running their home businesses, and not about cookery, crafts or other pretty things…

Should I write new blog posts for Pinterest or just pick the best of my current ones? In fact I now do a bit of both…

How to pick your best blog posts for Pinterest
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So this post is going to show you step by step how I started to get to grips with using Pinterest on my blog, How I choose and write blog posts for Pinterest and what has happened since. And I will finish by sharing my top Pinterest tips and my own strategy for 2019.

Getting Started Using Pinterest

When you first make up your mind to start using Pinterest for you blog, the first thing I would recommend you do, is get an account on Pinterest yourself and start having a look around.

If you have a niche, keywords, or favourite subjects to write about in your blog, then type some of them into the Pinterest search box and see what comes up.

I cover quite a few different topics on this blog and it took me a while to find which ones were the most likely to go well on Pinterest – but here is an example of one.

Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie recipe

I wrote this post in 2018 after reviewing a Nutribullet and getting excited about smoothies: Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie Recipe I would say that healthy eating and recipes are not at all what I consider to be my main niche, but it made sense to me to write this post at the time…

Prior to me using Pinterest, this was not one of my most-viewed posts, and I wasn’t expecting it to be. But I thought it might be an example of a good blog post for Pinterest, so I did some research

A search for Smoothie recipes on Pinterest shows the following:

This tells me quite a lot: firstly it shows that if I am writing a post about smoothie recipes – the best things to mention in my posts are healthy smoothies, breakfast smoothies, smoothies for kids and smoothies for a flat belly. My ultimate breakfast smoothie covers all of these bases….

Secondly, you can see that lots and lots of people have Pinterest boards where they are collecting smoothie recipes. There are plenty of group boards you can join and lots and lots of people love smoothies on Pinterest. It seems like smoothie recipes are a great thing to post on Pinterest, especially if they are healthy or breakfast smoothies.

So I added a lot of pin-worthy images to the blog post and started sharing them on Pinterest. And guess what it’s a perfect blog post for Pinterest and it went really well.

Nearly 94% of views to that post have come from Pinterest and it is now one of my top 10 posts of 2018


On the other hand, here is another one of my posts which gets quite a lot of views from Google, and I think is spot on what my blog is about

5 Ways to earn money while on Maternity Leave

Searching for Maternity Leave on Pinterest shows the following

People want maternity leave quotes, cards and humour on Pinterest.

OK maybe they want maternity leave ideas too, but that leads to a whole wealth of different topics

  • Budgeting for maternity leave
  • Fighting boredom
  • Setting up routines for baby
  • going back to work
  • How to lose baby weight

There are boards for maternity leave ideas, but not very many for starting a business while on maternity leave. This either means that this post is the most amazing next big thing which hasn’t been discovered yet, or else it’s just not what people on Pinterest are looking for.

The image in this blog is nothing special, and quite frankly I’m not going to update it as I don’t think this is whart Pinterest folks are looking for.

Less than 1% of views to this post in 2018 came from Pinterest

Top Tips for Using Pinterest

When you are looking at your existing blog content, try to figure out which of your pet topics will work best on Pinterest – then you can edit those posts and make them Pinterest-friendly.

Sometimes this can be a bit of trial and error, and you may need to throw a few pins about before you find which of your content sticks. This is what Tailwind is so good for – allowing you to publish a huge number of pins per day and analyse which ones go well for you.

Once you know which topics work best for you on Pinterest, you can write content with Pinterest in mind. Research the topic on Pinterest before you start, and discover which keywords are the most popular among Pinterest users. Make sure those words are included in your post and pin descriptions, and feature prominently in the title of your post and on the pins that you create for it.

You can also create a new topic board where your post will be pinned if you don’t have one already, and follow a few prominent pinners who mention your topic and pin some of their content to your new board. And once the post is ready, pin it to our topic board and any other relevant boards you have, then you can request to join group boards relevant to your subject, and pin your post there. Don’t forget to pin other group members’ content onto your topic board too.

So there you have it – my mini guide to choosing blog posts for Pinterest

Do you have some niches that work well on Pinterest and others not so much? Do let me know in the comments….

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