Creative Fabrica is an online crafting marketplace – a vault full of digital files of all kinds that crafters can use. Disclosure, I have received a gift subscription to this site and this blog also contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything from Creative Fabrica using the links on this page, I will receive a small commission, but this does not in any way influence the opinions which I will share below.

Summary: I loved Creative Fabrica so much that I decided to open a shop on the platform. I’d love it if you would follow me on there and there are some free floral Canva templates for you to download there if you do.

Review of Creative Fabrica

The last year has not been a great one for keeping up with hobbies, I know I’m not alone in this. We have all had so many more demands on our time, and many things we normally choose to do for fun have not been possible. My main passion, singing with the English Chamber Choir has stopped completely – we do have weekly Zoom rehearsals, but it’s not the same as meeting up with a gang of like-minded people and singing our hearts out.

However, one of the pastimes that I have been able to develop a bit during lockdown is digital art and crafting. I’ll be honest, I can’t draw for toffee fudge, but I do enjoy bringing different elements together on a page, playing around with colour and making digital images. I’ve done a lot of social media images for other people as well as myself, and I’ve become a bit of a whizz on Canva over the last few months, and during the first lockdown, I also treated myself to a course on digital photography and I love editing photos with a variety of apps to turn them into art.

One of the things I really love, is playing with clipart and fonts to make something new, original and different for myself. There are quite a few well-known places, where you can go to get ideas and downloads for this kind of crafting – Etsy and Design Bundles come to mind, but I have found a slightly smaller and less mind-boggling company, that provides me with all of the elements that I need without me having to spend ages scrolling through irrelevant stuff. The company is called Creative Fabrica and they are based in Amsterdam.

I first found this company because they contacted me after seeing some of my other posts on crafting and they asked me to take a look. I have downloaded fonts. clipart and similar from competitor companies but I was really pleased with the range on Creative Fabrica – neither too large and extensive nor too small. The search function is great, and many of the sellers provide really good illustrations so you can see what you will get and what you could use it for.

What’s included on Creative Fabrica?

These are the sort of things that you can find on Creative Fabrica – there are plenty of other digital crafting supplies too – these are just the ones that I have made use of so far:

  • Fonts
  • Clipart
  • Canva Templates
  • Procreate brushes and stamps
  • SVG files for cutting machines
  • Knitting, sewing and embroidery designs and patterns

All items can be purchased with a commercial licence – so you can sell products that you make using the designs. Each product has an individual cost, but there are daily freebie offers, bundle deals and also a monthly subscription which is only $19 per month and allows you to download absolutely everything! If you use digital crafting supplies regularly that is a bit of a bargain to say the least.

Here are two examples of products I downloaded recently and what I did with them:

First of all the Blossom Spring Toolkit by Caoca Studio

This kit consists of 71 different watercolour flowers in eps and png format, plus a couple of pre-made templates featuring a selection of the flowers.

These will be great for my Instagram posts – my brand colours are very pink and floral so these will fit in just fine. Here’s an example of one I threw together quickly using Canva.

Procreate stamp Mini Calendar kit by Jyllyco

Procreate stamps mini calendar kit from Creative Fabrica

I’ve been playing with Procreate a lot on my iPad recently – pretending I’m a real artist. This kit to make calendars is one of the elements that eventually found its way into my very own planner which is now listed on Creative Fabrica in its own right. If you look at the monthly page for March, pictured below, you will see the calendar stamp. Click the image to take a look at the rest of the planner…

Printable planner on Creative Fabrica

The Artistry at Creative Fabrica

I also love that Creative Fabrica has a blog, called The Artistry, giving you ideas and step by step instructions on how to combine the various elements that you can find on the site into really lovely projects. They have some really talented crafters sharing their ideas on here. This one particularly caught my eye – exploding box template – I’d really love to have a go at this.

Selling on Creative Fabrica

After playing around with a lot of elements on this site for far too long, just for my own enjoyment, I decided that I would like to have a go at selling myself, and so I have tentatively opened a shop and put some of my own stuff out there for people to take a look at.

Unlike some other sites, there are no monthly shop fees with Creative Fabrica, just commission fees when people purchase – that means that if you are accepted as a seller you can have an opportunity to try out your ideas and see if they will work before setting up on some of the bigger sites as well. As I hinted at the top of the page, I would really love it if you would follow me on the site, and if you are also selling on there I will follow you back.

I’ve only got a few things uploaded at the moment, but one of them is a set of floral templates for Instagram – which are currently set as a free item, so if you like you can download them and try them out for yourself – see the example below, using a photo of blackthorn blossom I took and digitally altered. I’m hoping to do a lot more, so please leave a comment below, tell me what you think of my first effort and give me some suggestions of what you would like to see next.


I am really enjoying messing around with digital art – it’s becoming a new hobby for me. But looking through this site has definitely got me thinking. I used to have a Cricut machine, but it was outdated – I think I will be asking for a new one for my birthday so I can tackle some of the amazing papercutting projects. And maybe I’ll start knitting or crochet again, or try my hand at some of the other amazing craft projects. The problem with a monthly craft subscription is that it can get quite addictive after a while.

Please let me know if you take a look at Creative Fabrica. Tell me what delights you found there in the comments below.

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