A couple of years ago, I was invited to come and try out a full body massage at the Massage Company in Camberley. Then last month they invited me to come back and have another massage, to see how the company has improved.

I’m very fond of massage, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity to revisit one of the most fun things I have done as a blogger.

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What do you think of when somebody says the word massage?

Is it one of the following?

  1. A relaxing treatment you might get as part of a spa package. Feels nice, smells nice but is more relaxing than therapeutic
  2. Something you might get at a physiotherapist when something has gone wrong with your body. Usually painful but it does you good
  3. Something a bit “ooo – errr missus” that you might get in a seedy establishment – a euphemism for something else …?

I think if I spoke to a lot of women they would say 1 or 2, and a lot of men would say 2 or 3. My husband is very squeamish – he has had a painful number two at the physio – is in horror of a number three, and can’t imagine why I might find massage relaxing!

Why the Massage Company is Different

The Massage Company has a whole different way of looking at massage. Massage can be a preventative and restorative treatment to keep your body and mind in tip-top order. The treatments they offer are definitely therapeutic, but not too painful (unless you want it super firm).

The basic product that the company sells is a massage membership, where you pay a subscription and receive one or two massages per month. Can I just say at this point that if anyone is reading this and would like to treat me to the Christmas present of a lifetime this would be my ideal!

The idea is that by having regular massage treatments you can keep your body in shape – it goes alongside a good diet and regular exercise to form a complete body maintenance programme.

I was surprised to hear that they have almost as many men coming in for regular massage treatments as women, and a surprisingly large number of construction workers. There is a lot of construction work going on in Camberley right now, and it seems that a lot of the builders and tradespeople have discovered that regular massage is beneficial in keeping their bodies fit for work.

With this ethos and target clientele, you can imagine, and you would be right, that the Massage Company has a different atmosphere to a spa, while still managing to be a bit more Zen than your average physiotherapist’s treatment room.

For a start, the only thing they do is massage, so you are not bombarded with a range of beauty products, makeup and pampering gifts to buy alongside your treatment. There are no fluffy bathrobes and people wandering around in slippers. The therapists may be female or male, and the massage techniques on offer include Swedish or sports massage, plus a maternity massage, which I would have loved when I was pregnant.

Aromatherapy and hot stones, whilst popular in the spa industry, are optional extras here, and you can have a deep tissue massage without them. Music is optional, but the heated massage table with a blanket is definitely present I opted for the scalp massage optional extra instead of aromatherapy, so the oil used on me was completely unscented.

My therapist took me through a detailed questionnaire before beginning my treatment, and as requested he focused on my shoulders. Part of this was mildly uncomfortable, but I asked for the therapist to go deep and the treatment was certainly effective.

I really enjoyed my treatment both this time and the last, and I very much hope that one day I will be able to afford to take out a monthly subscription at the Massage Company. It would do my tired old body a lot of good.

The Massage Company has four centres now – Camberley, Tunbridge Wells, High Wycombe, and Sutton Coldfield. If you live near any of these then I definitely recommend that you should pay them a visit.

Maybe you can show this article to somebody special and ask them to buy you a gift voucher for Christmas. You can buy vouchers for a 50-minute massage, 80-minute massage, or a 3 or 12-month massage membership at the gift shop

So thumbs up, as before, for the Massage Company , and I hope that I will be able to go back very soon.

Disclosure: I received my massage treatment for free to enable me to write this review – but all opinions are my own and genuine.

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