A new direction, a chance to regroup and get myself together, and a printable planner. Here is what 2021 is looking like for me

Yes, it’s me, Debbie, back on this blog in person again, after really too long. So many plans, so many ideas, so many excuses, some of them more genuine than others. I’ll fill you in on some of the details in later posts.

But the upshot is this – in March 2021 I will be taking six months minimum off from full-time work, getting myself back together and documenting everything on this blog. I want to see whether I can make this blog pay on its own without needing to work, and I also want to get my body, my mind and my home in shape, and see my children through the next few months when my youngest will be “taking” GCSEs and my big girl will be “taking” A-levels, and hopefully then heading off to University in the autumn.

And frankly the two things are connected, because I am going to blog about the stuff I do in order to rediscover myself and catch up on so much that needs doing here that has been neglected for so long. I’m hoping to inspire a few more of you for whom life has gone a bit nuts just recently.

I need to rediscover routines, to get things organised and start looking after myself a bit more. I need to tidy up, to eat healthily , lose some weight and get fit. And I’m going to write it all down and let you know what helpful things I discover along the way.

Printable Planner

And that is where my trusty printable planner comes in. I’ve been wanting to design a planner for ages – one that was absolutely mine in colours that I love and with pages that make sense to me.

I want list pages where I can document my new routines and habits and keep track of everything I need.

So I’ve started off with a basic version, a month on two pages calendar, a weekly planner sheet (one or two pages per week), a daily planner sheet, a journal page and notes pages. I plan to add to it as I go along, adding in pages that I find useful as I go.

And since I’m going to have a nice printable planner, I wondered if any of you would like a copy too?

If you’ve had an interesting start to 2021 and haven’t got started on your plans for this year yet, I’m sure you are not alone. I’m sure you have your own set of excuses, but I’ll take ‘global pandemic’ and ‘surprise lockdown’ as good ones to start with.

Why does the New Year have to start in January anyway? March is a much nicer month to make a start on a new life after two months of enforced hibernation. So, I’ve designed this planner to start in March 2020 and I’ve done the calendar through to March 2021.

Take a look at some of the other pages

I have my planner in A5 size, so it fits in my trusty purple Filofax, But I’ve also done versions for A4 and Letter size if that is your thing…

Alternatively you can print out the pages as a booklet using Adobe or Publisher:

Mums the Boss printable planner

And last but not least, I can use it on my trusty iPad using my Apple Pencil and GoodNotes. Please note, this is not a fully hyperlinked digital planner like other people are selling – that’s on my to-do list for further down the line. But the basic pdf file works perfectly well without the hyperlinks and I love my paperless version as much as I do my printed version.

So if you are in the market for a planner right now, but don’t want to waste the January and February pages, then why not support me and give this one a try.

I’m really looking forward to getting started on my life changing journey (starting on March 1st), and I hope that some of you will want to follow along with me.

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