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iteaworld is a supplier of Premium Chinese loose leaf tea, directly from China. The company supplies a limited range consisting of black teas, green teas and oolong teas, and also has tasting and sampling boxes, which make very good gifts for the tea lover in your life.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that my daughter and I are particularly fond of trying out new and different teas and herbal teas, so we were very excited to receive our iteaworld Classic Tea Selection, which contained 2 samples each of 8 teas, 4 of which were Black Tea and the other four were oolong tea.

I very much enjoy the ceremony of tea – thanks to previous reviews on this blog I have some lovely tea making equipment including timers and cups with integral strainer. I was looking forward to following the instructions to the letter, as I’m sure that the tea suppliers know infinitely more about these things than I do.

Each sachet came with very clear instructions on the back, but they were not at all what i was expecting. Apparently each one of the 3.5g samples could be used several times over to make lots of cups of tea – they suggest one first rinse of the tea with hot water, followed by up to 4 or 5 brews of the leaves to make a cup.

The other thing that really surprised me was they recommended just 10-20 seconds steeping for each brew, where I would normally expect to steep a tea like this for between 3-5 minutes.

But in the interests of doing things properly I followed the instructions to the letter, including the temperature of the water, slightly less than boiling. And I have to say , the results were delightful. The tea looks very watery, and delicate – if that was a cup of Yorkshire I’d definitely send it back at that colour. But the flavour was just right – delicate and complex and quite unexpected.

These teas are very different to your English Breakfast tea or ‘Builders Brew’ that we normally drink in the UK. This is not a tea I would choose for the medicinal first brew of the day, needed to get your eyes open, nor the brew after a chilly school run or dog walk, whose main purpose is to warm you up. The flavours in these teas are delicate and worth sipping and savouring gently. I can see myself saving these for special occasions and a little bit of me time.

I’ve never been a big fan of oolong tea – I always found it a bit bitter for my taste, but the teas in this pack have changed my mind. It seems I may have been steeping oolong tea for too long in the past – when this tea is prepared according to the instructions, it produces a very delicate and fruity brew, which I very much enjoy. A blog on the iteaworld site tells me that the oolong tea has substantially less caffeine than coffee and a bit less than black tea, so this would be a good choice for me for later in the day, when I try to restrict caffeine a bit. I’m looking forward to trying all the teas in this range, although with five cups from each sample, this may take a while!

So all in all, I thoroughly recommend the iteaworld Classic Tea Selection as a gift for the tea connoisseur that is so hard to buy for, or as a special mum treat for yourself.

Giveaway – iteaworld Classic Tea Selection

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