Working from home presents an ideal solution for many women; being able to work between school hours, being at home if the children are poorly, fitting in some housework during the day, not paying rent for office space…..we know all the benefits.

But how can we ensure that our home working is healthy? Its easy to fall into a rut when you’ re not with colleagues. Here are some simple things you can do to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

  • 1.  Getting yourself a decent office chair to ensure good posture is vital. Spending hours on a dining chair hunched over a computer, or perched on a kitchen stool is bad for backs and necks. Invest in yourself and your health and get an ergonomic chair if you are going to be using it for several hours a day.
  • 2.  Be aware of the dangers of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Computers have done much to revolutionise work, but long periods of computer use without a break can be bad for backs and wrists.
  • 3.  Good light to work in is important, without it you could suffer headaches and eye strain.  Arrange your working space in a room with a window where possible. Although being able to see out can be distracting, natural daylight is far superior to artificial light of any kind. If you work in the evenings then good artificial lighting is essential.
  • 4.  When you work from home, the kettle and biscuit tin are constantly available. It is very easy to be drinking more caffeine than you realise and snacking throughout the day on biscuits and sugary snacks. Try and set a time for a morning and afternoon ‘break’ when you have tea or coffee and drink water in between. It’s a great opportunity to leave your desk and stretch your legs too. If you start the day with a good breakfast and eat lunch then you will be less tempted to snack.
  • 5. Have a proper break. Working from home it is very tempting to just keep going to fit in as much as possible in the time you have.  Having a break every so often allows important time to re-focus and re-energise.
  • 6.  Working at home often means sitting at the computer and talking on the phone. Exercise is vital to help keep your energy levels up, strengthen your immune system and will release powerful ‘feel good’ endorphins. Try to get outside and move your body at least once every day

Always remember, the most important element in your busy life is YOU – take care of yourself and then you can take care of everything (and everybody) else!

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