It’s half term – my favorite time! 

Now I know that at least half of you are thinking I may be suffering some sort of delusion or mental breakdown; how can she possibly be cheering the school holidays? The other half know why. It’s quite simple: I love being with my children and the whole reason I was a stay at home mum and am now a WAHM is for this very reason.

half term

No, my children aren’t saints, and no my work doesn’t stop and the work/life balancing act doesn’t go away or fit in with school half term holidays perfectly. However,  as ‘my own boss’ I can decide when to log on, I can decide when to work and I can forward plan so that anything major does not clash with my children’s holiday time. 

I took those decisions because I wanted to be with my children; 90% of the time it is a fulfilling and brilliant job – and 10% of the time it isn’t, but then nothing in life is perfect!

Depending on what sort of business you have, the school holidays may realistically present you with a challenge; but you knew that when you started. And it is only a few weeks of the year.  

I have friends who work full time, and in fairness, their children are used to the routine, but I always feel a little sorry for them. They don’t get to have a pyjama morning, a picnic in the park or an afternoon film snuggled up with mummy – at home, chilled out and free from the stress of school. For those that work and are reading this – no judgement is made – I am simply explaining the freedom of my choice.

Many people would delight, or look forward to the day when their children are at school full time. I however still miss them dearly and actually relish the time they are at home in the holidays. As well as spending some real time with them, awake and fun, it gives me an opportunity to relax, play and enjoy their childhood with them.

At half term, I actually get to ‘have a holiday’ from what I normally cram into the week and my mindset is switched over to ‘anything is a bonus’. I can just be with them, I can catch up at home and the housework,  which is always bottom of my list in term time, and I am relieved from continuously time managing the school run, play dates and homework.

The added bonus to all of this is when the Other Half gets home after work, having spent the day with the children I feel justified in sneaking off to reply to the emails or have a relaxing bath as I have already spent the day with them, and then rather than do the night shift I actually have some evening time.

It is never a clear division between being employed and being a WAHM, and there are many pluses and minuses to both – but if you did chose to be a WAHM… remember why… take a deep breath – count to 10 … and don’t wish the half-term holiday time away… very soon they will be grown up and gone.

How do you manage the half term holidays? What are your tips and experiences to share with us about managing children in the holidays?

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