With the advent of social media it’s more important than ever to build your brand and find your own unique position within the market place to avoid dying out like an old decrepit dinosaur.


Many mums in business come to me asking the same question: “What do I need to do to be successful in my marketing? How can I get the word out more effectively? The answer? Avoid being tempted to be just like your competitors. And quite frankly, it all comes down to being willing to ask yourself a tough question. Are you really being authentic and daring enough to stand out from the crowd? Are you willing to stand up and be different?

Why is it so important to be different?

Your business needs to be a true representation of who you are. It is so important to have a vision and a passion that means something to you. How else will you stay motivated enough to keep going through the good and bad times in years to come?

Your business needs to stand out from the crowd; it needs to be unique to capture the attention of potential customers and clients. We all choose to work with different people for different reasons and the thing that makes you and your business different is also what will make you unique. It could be your key selling point. Without that interested prospects will not have a compelling enough reason to pick you out from the sea of competitors.

Differentiate or die!

Being boring and being a ‘me too’ business will only prove to suck the life force out of anything you have to offer. Katharine Hepburn said it best when she said:

“If you’re not standing out – then you are blending in with the wallpaper.”

Never has there been a more true word!

So ensure that you really are putting yourself out there in a different and special way and inject your own personality and creativity into everything you do. By being yourself and shining your own special light, you will undoubtedly attract your own unique following. A fan base of people who love you and everything you do!

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to stand out from the crowd? What have you seen other’s successfully that struck a chord and made you sit up and pay attention?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victoria Player is a marketing coach. She works with women in business to help define their vision, set challenging goals and develop a marketing action plan that gets extraordinary results. Find out how YOU can attract more clients, get bigger results in less time and ultimately have more fun and freedom in your business. To see more FREE how-to tips, articles, podcasts and videos visit: http://www.victoriaplayer.com

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