This is part 18 in a 30-day series of articles entitled The Power of One – Making an Intentional Impact.

How are you currently making a difference, and how can you make your light shine brighter? This has never been more necessary in these times of lockdown and isolation. How can you reach out to others and make a difference?

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The Power of One

It’s a month full of ideas to uplift your spirit and get you thinking outside your own head and your isolation. Go on, you know you want them….

Fitting in at work

Fitting in at work is an important goal for anyone who wants to enjoy their time spent away from their family, earning income. Generally speaking, there are protocols and standard operating procedures that have been created specifically to promote teamwork and efficiency. Your goal may be to get in and get along without drawing much attention to yourself, but your workplace is an excellent place to make an impact and a difference.

We all have personality traits that are expressed in unique ways. Some of us are intellectually focused and prefer contemplating possibilities, some of us are “doers” who jump right into action, and some love being a part of a team working towards a goal. Some of us love to bake treats and/or tend to shared space, which can help close the gap between on- and off-duty comforts in the workplace. We all matter, and we can all make an impact.

Management can be a difficult element of workplace culture. Sometimes, line staff don’t realise the pressures facing management that demand successful outcomes. These pressures are magnified when working with unhappy or inefficient staff, who may be feeling burned out or experiencing personality conflicts that make them difficult to motivate or manage. Actively trying to be part of the solution when your colleagues clash is a simple and highly effective way to stand out in the workplace.

Here are the three P’s for making a difference at work:


Your personality is an excellent tool to use at work. Having a great attitude is worth so much to those around you. Studies show that expressing a consistent mood is one of the easiest ways to be promoted and viewed as an asset to your company. Choosing to leave your worries at the door and putting your focus on your work environment can make a huge impact at work.


Staying on task and being a meaningful contributor to your office is a major way to make an impact. Don’t be afraid to initiate changes or suggest improvements. Make a difference by being supportive of your team members, colleagues, customers, etc.


Far and away, the highest accolades in a workplace go to the staff who are dependable. Being at work when you are scheduled to be, and being emotionally and mentally present are cornerstones of a good work ethic. If you want to effortlessly be a contributor to your workplace, show up on time and be focused in your work.

Making a difference at work begins with personality, performance, and presence. From there, things only get better. Infuse your personal style into your workplace and engage your co-workers and customers with your unique personality and character.

When some members of the team, or even all of you are working remotely, as has happened so much this year, you may have to try even harder to help your personality shine through, and also to reach out to those who may be feeling isolated. Although your colleagues may not be able to see you for much of the working day, you can still devise strategies to stand out and to be seen as a focused, competent but caring individual.

How has work been for you this year? Please share ways in which you or others have really stood out and made a difference

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