In this post Helen reflects on whether she managed to achieve her resolution of a better sense of balance throughout 2011.

At the start of the year we had a Vision board workshop which, as a fan of cutting and sticking, I really enjoyed! More importantly though, it helped me focus my mind on what I wanted from this year. Rather than specific goals my vision centred around the word ‘Balance’ and I used the board as a way of showing all the various things that were important in my life and  that all needed to be there – just in better balance with each other.

As the year end is creeping closer I find myself reflecting on what it has been like – the highs and lows, what has changed, what needs to change – and so I have been considering my vision board again and my word – Balance.

In all honesty it hasn’t been the best year and I didn’t manage to get the balance right in the first half of the year – the intention was there but I got swept along by the tide of the many outside factors which have influenced how things have gone; family, work, money etc.  And once we reached the summer holidays I ‘over-balanced’ in the direction of family and fun to compensate for all the difficulties that had gone before!

So when September arrived I tried a new approach – to achieve my ‘balance’ I realised I needed  to also adjust my attitude & pace in order to achieve things; and this made all the difference.

I have always been a busy person and like to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible; give me a list and I’ll crack on so I can tick everything off.  What I hadn’t really considered was that this often resulted in me doing lots of one type of task, rather than making time for all the other things I wanted to fit in.

And this is where the shift in attitude came in – I can stop, I can relax, things will keep till tomorrow – or even next week! I started a new ‘dual list’ operating system where I listed both work and home tasks – including ‘me’ time things – and I started to work off both lists simultaneously in order to achieve some balance.

Lessons learnt then – slow down, think about not just what but how you will change. And if the worst comes to the worst, remember that most things will keep until tomorrow.  One word won’t change your nature or approach – but work on it and you may see some differences! As for 2012 – who knows – we aren’t there yet and so I haven’t decided – so maybe I have made a shift after all!!

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