So your clients aren’t buying huh? It’s frustrating isn’t it? You’ve put all of that work in. You’re really excited about your offer but then…. NOTHING!

It hurts and this is the burning question on many of your lips. “Why oh why, are my clients not buying?” If you could only find the reason you’d be able to do something about it. So in today’s post I’m sharing five of the top reason why your clients aren’t buying and what you can do about it.

your cliients arent buying

1. They don’t know about you

If your clients don’t know about you it’s probably because 1) you don’t know who they are 2) you don’t know where they’re hanging out 3) you don’t have a proven method for capturing their attention. If that’s the case then you need to look at defining your target market and developing a powerful marketing message.

2. They don’t understand you

Again this comes down to the fundamentals of marketing: having an irresistible offer and sending out a crystal clear marketing message. Just the other day I saw a perfect example of this. I landed on a website and began to review the pages. This business owner was a coach. As I read through the site I began to get more and more confused. They offered everything from business development advice to the wedding industry to divorce and breakup coaching. Just be aware that sending out a confused marketing message will always put a kybosh on your client attraction abilities because ‘A confused mind ALWAYS says NO!’

3. You’re offering what YOU think they need, not what they want to buy

It’s easy to be tempted to deliver what you THINK your market needs. The truth is they will only buy what they WANT. So it’s your job to find out and fully understand exactly what they DO want and then give it to them. So get out there, begin the conversation and start asking!

4. Your offering isn’t compelling

Your clients want to know EXACTLY what they’re getting when they hire you. So make it easy for them. Instead of offering a certain number of sessions or quoting your services by the hour, give them options for packaged solutions. That way it’s a win-win situation. Your clients can see exactly what they are getting. They are engaged long enough for you to make a real difference in their business or their life and you get to plan your cash flow.

5. You gave up too quickly

How many times have you stopped, changed course and started over again? It’s easy to give up when the going gets tough. It’s a key factor in why people don’t get all the clients they need. They stop just short of the tipping point. But just remember, ‘Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.’

So, just take a moment now to review these points carefully. Are there holes in your marketing? If any of these points resonate with you then it could mean that you are haemorrhaging clients and income when you really don’t have to.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victoria Player is a marketing coach. She works with women in business to help define their vision, set challenging goals and develop a marketing action plan that gets extraordinary results. Find out how YOU can attract more clients, get bigger results in less time and ultimately have more fun and freedom in your business. To see more FREE how-to tips, articles, podcasts and videos visit:

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