As women, we are rarely satisfied with our body shape.  In fact I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who didn’t have some part of her body she would like to change.  It doesn’t matter whether we are underweight, the right weight or overweight, there is always some part of our body that we are not happy with.

Body confidence (or a lack of it) can negatively impact us in our professional settings.  It has a negative impact on our businesses when we have poor body confidence because it can lead to a lack of confidence in ourselves generally.  Because we often work alone and have no co-workers or managers to praise our work, this can eventually lead to a lack of confidence in ourselves as business owners and our ability to serve our clients if it’s not properly addressed.

When you don’t feel good about the way you look you begin to use subconscious body language that pushes people away.  From the simplest thing such as not smiling because you are too busy worrying about your appearance, to crossing your arms or legs in social situations. This has a huge impact when we are trying to attract more clients or network with other business owners.

What we need to do is remember that as small business owners and mumpreneurs, very often we are the brand.  We are the face of the business, the first point of contact and the ambassador for our business, especially in the start as we are trying to build and grow.  If your lack of body confidence is causing you to frighten potential customers away then you’re not going to grow very fast!

So, although I’d recommend seeking proper help in addressing those body confidence issues in the long run, here are a few ‘fake it till you make it’ short cuts to get you going!

  • Smile! Often when you are thinking hard, concentrating or feeling nervous you can forget to smile and that can come across as you being grumpy, unapproachable or disinterested.  Remember to smile at people – not only does it make you appear warm and welcoming to them but they’ll likely smile back and that can help to put you at ease too.
  • Bear in mind that crossed arms and legs are a subconscious signal to others to stay away.  As much as you can, keep your body open to signify that you are willing to be approached and want to interact.
  • Remember what your mother said and don’t slouch.  Even if you really feel nervous or embarrassed make sure you stand up straight and tall.  That not only gives the illusion of confidence and attracts others to you but also can make you feel more confident and in control.
  • Wear clothes that you feel flatter your shape.  There really is nothing worse than watching someone fidget with their clothing.  Just knowing that you are wearing things that take the attention away from your problem areas can give you a boost and will increase your confidence.
  • Try to remember that people are interested in how your product or service can help them to solve their problem.  It’s highly unlikely that your perceived imperfections are actually affecting your ability to serve your customers. They aren’t so bothered about how you look so much as whether you have testimonials or examples of your work to show that you really can get the job done.

Maybe you’re still hiding at home and haven’t even put yourself out there yet. To find out more about how confidence and your business growth are linked you can visit to get your free copy of my report: “3 Reasons Poor Body Confidence is Costing You Clients”

Rachel Swann helps women coaches and mumpreneurs overcome body confidence issues so that they can attract more clients and grow their businesses.  Using hypnotherapy, coaching and a huge dose of positivity she helps women rebuild their relationship with their bodies.  She works with women from the UK, Australia and the US using video and skype and in person.  Rachel’s methods have taught business mums like you how to take care of their own needs, build their self esteem, love their bodies and grow their businesses.  Her passion is in sharing her techniques with other women so that growth is easy and confidence is abundant.

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