Having Fun with Your Printer - Mum's the Boss

There’s so much more that your printer can do for you than turning out expenses forms and train passes, so don’t leave it languishing in the corner in between mundane tasks – let it live a little with some of these fun projects!

Printer Papercraft

Card modelling was a popular pastime before plastic assembly kits became more widely available in the 1950s and 1960s. The art fell somewhat out of favour, although origami caught on in some quarters.

However, now almost every home has a printer and a batch of Epson ink cartridges, people don’t need to buy expensive papercraft kits or subscribe to hobby magazines anymore. Obviously you’ll need stiff card, as the models are supposed to be robust, but with the right equipment you can download any design you want or even come up with your own.


Paper models printed at home


Many of the big printer companies now have websites where you can download designs for greetings cards, bags and boxes and all kinds of paper and cadboard models, and you can find more online on sites like Pinterest.

Once you’ve printed out the card, all you need then is some glue, a pair of scissors and a ruler and sharp craft knife for scoring (and some patience) and you’re good to go.

Design and create your own business cards

Making your own business cards has been possible for a while, but it tended to involve learning some fiddly graphic design  programme,  then wasting loads of card as you made lots of slight changes to your designs so it looked as good on paper as on screen.

Now you can do most of your designing online and you can see exactly how your finished product will look, you can use a free online resource to create your ideal business cards. All you need is a nice weighty business card paper and you’ll be off and running in minutes.

Make your own photo cake

Yes, really, you can make your own cake with a photo on – without paying a small fortune to a professional baker.

Making a cake is easy, but if you fancy a unique decoration, you often have to pay handsomely. However it is now possible to buy edible ink and a special printer for printing on sheets of icing. This means that anything that you can design on a computer can be used to adorn your cake creations.

NB. Do not use your normal printer and ink to print on icing – this could all get very messy…..

Make your own window clings

Everyone loves window clings and now you can make your own. Some print-media companies and stores make and stock all kinds of materials and supplies.

One of these are the sheets of floppy, clear plastic that stick to windows and offer a taste of seasonal fun. The sheets aren’t cheap, so if you’re coming up with your own designs, try them out on humble paper first until you’re happy. You can even print individual letters and shapes onto these sheets and cut them out to make a really striking message for your car windows and your mirrors.