With so much of our lives online nowadays, is there still a place for printed marketing materials? I certainly think so.

In our online age where ads and brands are pumped out at us 24 hours a day, you can be forgiven for thinking that online marketing is the only game in town. Nothing can be further from the truth, however, and companies like Helloprint UK prove that.

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With this in mind let’s look at the type of printed documents you can use to present your marketing offering and maximise the chance of clinching a deal.

Business Cards

Although everyone has a website these days, it is still important to have a business card to hand over when you meet someone. It still gives an air of gravitas and professionalism.

Neat and concise business cards represent your brand and support contact with prospective clients and customers. The act of giving someone a card is profound especially if you have generated a rapport and possibly worked in a subtle sales pitch.

I still have many friends who keep business cards of their contacts in a file, and even if you prefer to keep contacts digitally, there are apps available that will upload contact details straight from a business card onto your phone, saving on typing time and reducing the risk of typing errors.

Business cards are ideal if you’re at any kind of networking or trade event, or simply cold calling or visiting clients to ensure everything is on track.


Flyers can be made colourful, eye-catching, and feature your branding. They are portable and can be given out almost anywhere. They are particularly useful at trade events or to convey a grand opening or event for a retail outlet. Information can be shown in pictorial or copy form and arguably work best when it is a combination of both.

Printed marketing materials are everywhere

You can even push them through letterboxes or tuck them under car windscreen wipers depending on your business. Just think of your own experience – what percentage of your emails do you read before putting them in the trash? And what percentage of the printed marketing materials that come through your door do you glance at before binning them?

If you’re like me, I bet most flyers get a cursory glance at least, whereas many emails don’t even get opened.


Brochures are very much alive and kicking in the marketing space. They give your prospective client something profound and readable and they don’t require an internet connection to be browsed. Bill Gates’ dream was a paperless office but the brochure proves that dream is a bit like a paperless toilet and not really a viable goal.

The brochure can use images, copy, and whitespace to convey your offering and you can simply hand it to prospective clients anywhere you encounter them.

Brochures are very much part of our psyche and we still expect a catalogue or brochure even in this digital age.

Printed Fabrics

Blinds and clothes that carry your brand can convey a feeling of uniform and in turn efficiency and professionalism. This builds trust and is essential for good business.

Roller blinds, t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing can and should carry your branding. Roller blinds are particularly underutilised as they project your offering even when your store is closed.

Last Word on Printed Marketing Materials

Printed materials are memorable and help people cut through the jargon of the digital age. The offering and message are clear and help to forge a personal touch which is lacking behind a computer screen.

Printed materials allow you to appeal to all age ranges. Older people still expect physical products like brochures, flyers and business cards. Those who are more digatally minded can take a photo of the printed material and instantly access it digitally. So it works for everyone.

To get the most for your business consider ways in which you can use printed marketing materials and then go out and present your best face to the world.

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