The end of the holidays is finally here….and this coming week sees the start of school for thousands of children across the country . So here are some tips to make their first day of school go smoothly – and to help avoid any tears (for you and your child)!

first day of school
The oversized school bag…
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1.  Be organised.

Try and get everything ready the night before, uniform out, book & PE bags loaded and ready, even the packed lunch will be fine in the fridge overnight. Having had weeks of no clock watching and getting ready and out of the house early, the first few mornings are going to be a rush and a shock to the system. It is better to be ready early and enjoy an extra story/cuddle/cartoon than to be rushing out of the house, forgetting things and struggling to find parking space etc.

2. Be upbeat and positive.

Children are quick to pick up on parental anxiety, and will be looking for an opportunity to share their own misgivings. Most will be slightly anxious, but also very excited so encourage that and make it seem like the start of a new adventure. Make the most of the fact it is a short week and will soon be the weekend again.

3. Be quick.

Try to make the dropping off at school as swift and smooth as possible. DON’T linger, or give the impression that there is room for not going.  It always helps if they know somebody else, so if they have had a visit or know another child in the same class try to let them go in together. Most children will be very excited on their first day of school (surprisingly it is often a couple of days later the reluctance kicks in) so capitalise on that with a quick kiss and cuddle then leave. If your child is not good at settling they are in great hands – Reception teachers are experts at this!

4. Be prepared.

Sunglasses and waterproof mascara are first day of school essentials if you are prone to ‘weepy mummy’ moments! At least then your children won’t be able to see your eyes fill up…..and you won’t end up looking like a panda on the way home or when you get to work! And if you know you are going to find their first day really hard, get them dressed up in their uniform and take photos the night before to avoid getting even more emotional on the big day.

5. Be positive.

Try to be positive about how this change can now give YOU time to explore other opportunities. This may simply be having more time to spend with a younger child or looking at your working options, such as starting or spending more time on your own business.

Good luck to all mums waving their little ones off for the very first day of school this week.  My “baby” is off to secondary school this year and it just flies by so fast….

For today’s post in the 30 Day Business blogging challenge I have updated and republished a post that I first published in 2009, when my baby boy started primary school.  This year is his first year at secondary – i’ll write more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some more lovely posts

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