I’ll be honest and admit that the trend for bikini waxing has for the most part passed me by.

I understand that there are different styles – this article from Cosmopolitan showing the various styles on Barbie Doll models is very informative, and worth looking at if you want a laugh, but I’m afraid it just makes me giggle.   Do people really do that ‘down there’?

bikini waxing
I didn’t want to put in a picture of an actual bikini wax,
because it’s just a bit awkward…..

Because of course, what you do or do not do with your hoo-haa, really is the last taboo.  I have some very good friends with whom I am happy to talk about childbirth, mental health issues, the menopause in all its ugly details and occasionally even the state of my romantic relationships….

But I don’t feel inclined to tell folks what I do with my lady bits, and I wouldn’t ask them either.  After all, it’s very unlikely that I will ever see my friends’ privates, and I wouldn’t opt to show them mine. That’s for me, my husband, and the poor doctor who has to do my smear tests.

And given that I can’t really see it without using a mirror, the doctor really should not care, and my husband has other things on his mind at that point, then I’m not sure what the use is of trimming things into fancy shapes.

I get the idea of not having hair hanging out when you wear a bikini – that after all is why we use the euphemism ‘bikini line’ – but let’s be honest I don’t often wear a bikini for the sake of fashion.

Sadly this is not me, but trust me, you are better off this way…

If anyone sees me at the swimming pool and is rude enough to tell me that there is hair on show, I’m old enough, confident enough and stroppy enough to tell them to just stop looking at my crotch then!

So, I’m afraid I’ve got to the ripe old age of 51 with absolutely no idea how to go about doing a bikini wax at home, even if I wanted to.

Bikini waxing
Please be a sweetie and pin this

I had a look for helpful ideas online to share with you, but first of all, I found this horror story – I’m sure you have read it already but if not then do have a look and try not to laugh out loud. I’ve no idea whose story it was originally, or if it’s just a joke, but it’s enough to put you off for life!

Funny home bikini waxing story

If you’ve read that and you still want to give it a go, then I’ve got only four pieces of advice, which I have gleaned from the internet, so don’t quote me on this.

  • Try to talk to a friend about it (maybe they are not as prudish as me)

    At the outset, find helpful advice from someone who currently does their own bikini waxing at home. You will discover what home bikini waxing items they prefer and that can help to prevent you from buying stuff which doesn’t work. 
  • Check the labels on the packets

    I’m glad I don’t have skin allergies, but if you have any kind of skin problem then read the packet.  Better to know before you begin.

    Read the entire instructions leaflet included within the product you buy to avoid endangering your skin. Being informed will make it possible to achieve smooth, hair-free skin, and anyone trying to do bikini waxing at home expects that.
  • Be aware of aftercare
    Stay safe by remaining out of the sun for any instructed stretch of time and slathering on a good amount of an appropriate moisturiser, and nothing that will sting.
  • Skin buffing
    When deciding on a DIY bikini wax you should take care to carefully, buff the skin before you begin. It will help you with ridding yourself of any potential in-grown hairs – a must when aiming for an all natural looking, pristine bikini line. If you don’t, then you might just be sorry for attempting things at home!

I’m going to be honest and say that if I was ever going to wax my bits, there is no way I would risk doing it at home, after looking at all the possible things that could go wrong.

One thing that did come up for me on Google when I looked for home bikini waxing, was bikini waxing near me. This brought up a site similar to   https://www.groupon.co.uk/vouchers/manchester/waxing which showed me lots of places I could go and save money on a professional wax job.

After reading all the stuff I have looked at today , I reckon that bikini waxing is a job best left to the professionals, especially if you can save money on it.

Please leave any comments below. I’d love to hear your funny stories, even if I’m not brave enough to tell you my own!

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