The majority of people nowadays are living a more sedentary lifestyle, and it’s difficult to find time to exercise. There are various factors that can contribute to this.

Many jobs are now mostly desk-based, using computers or other devices. There is less need for manual labour, as machines have taken over many factory roles or other roles that require repetitive physical action and movement.

When it comes to how we spend our spare time, many of us will sit down to watch films and television shows. Throw in the fact that we should be getting eight hours’ worth of sleep every night and it can become very simple to slip into a lifestyle where you’re not moving around very much at all.

As we all know, it’s extremely important that you carry out a fair amount of exercise on a daily basis. It is recommended that you should get around one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise. But what steps can you take in order to incorporate more exercise into an already busy routine?

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Take On a More Active Career

When you work in an office eight hours a day,  you may find it difficult to hit your recommended 10,000 steps or find time to exercise.

If you’re serious about your fitness, you might want to consider taking on a more active career, where you can work out at the same time as working. For example, how about retraining and setting up as a Personal Trainer, as Rachel did

Having decided that Accountancy was not for me, I then trained as a Paediatric Nurse which I enjoyed but the unsocial hours were not a good fit for raising a young family.

Then one day as I stepped into the gym I realised that wearing my trainers and workout gear was how I was most comfortable, and I pursued my PT qualification.

We need to be functionally fit to enjoy life and being with friends and family. My focus is now on enhancing the fitness and health of all women through exercise and nutrition.

Rachel Law, 121 Fitness and Health

Of course, you’re going to have to get in pretty good shape to become a personal trainer. But if you really have a passion for fitness, this type of job will have you on your feet and getting in shape all day every day that you work. It’s a brilliant way to ensure that you definitely hit the gym and don’t miss out on any of your routine.

When you become a personal trainer, you can work on one of two different bases (or a little of each). Your first option is to work through a personal trainer company or a gym. This gives you the perks of being employed and knowing that you have a set wage coming in.  If you start applying for positions within gyms, you should take a look at Origym’s fitness trainer CV guide.

Your other option is to become self-employed and work for yourself. This will take a little extra effort when you first set up, as you will have to invest in your own equipment and find your own clients. However, once you are established, things should start ticking over nicely and you can benefit from the independence that comes hand in hand with being self-employed. You can choose your own working hours, and take holiday leave, maternity leave, or other forms of leave as and when you like.

Combine Exercise with Commuting

For many of us, the idea of an active career is not an option, perhaps because we genuinely enjoy what we currently do for a living even if it is desk-based. However many of us also have a long journey to work each day, which we have to do whether we like it or not. this makes it doubly difficult to find time to exercise.

If that is you, and if you are also shirking exercise, then why not add some exercise into your daily commute instead of taking public transport all the way.

My husband enjoys walking and commutes up to London each day. He takes the train from our home to Waterloo, but instead of taking the tube, he walks to and from his office from Waterloo, which works out at about five miles a day.  He really enjoys this, it gives him space to think and he arrives at his desk energised – much more so than if he took the rush hour tube.

Some employers offer a cycle to work scheme, where you can borrow the price of buying a bicycle, which you can then use to commute to work.  This could save you money as well as getting you fit

find time to exercise - cycle to work

Find a Form of Exercise That You Genuinely Enjoy

Once we leave education and start work, many of us turn away from exercise, as it’s something that we gain no enjoyment from. But if you find a form of exercise that you enjoy, attending regularly without missing sessions, classes, or games can prove a whole lot easier. Here are just a few different types of regular exercise that you might want to consider.

The Gym

Many people want to avoid exercising outdoors. They’d rather stay warm and dry and not be exposed to every member of the public who happens to be passing by when they carry out their workout. If you’re this kind of person, you could benefit from joining a gym.

Think about the times when you would most likely use a gym – would it be better to have one near home or near where you work? Or maybe you could install gym equipment in your home?

Try to find a gym that has high-quality equipment and enough machines that you don’t have to sit waiting around for someone else to finish their workout before you can get started. If you like being in the water, you should try to find a local gym with a pool. This will give you the opportunity to swim your way to fitness too!


If you have little self-control and need to be encouraged as you go along while working out, or if you enjoy being guided and receiving support through your workout, you might want to consider going to classes.

These will see you exercise in a more social setting and with a professional at hand to show you what to do. Many gyms hold classes and these could be included in your membership.

However, if there’s one particular form of class that you’d like to attend and you have little interest in using other gym facilities, you may be better off finding an independent company that specialises in one class. Different types of classes to consider could include yoga, pilates, or spin classes.

Sports Teams

For those amongst us who are social and competitive, sports teams could be a good option. Sports teams allow you to bond with your own team and compete against rival teams at the same time as boosting your fitness levels and seeing you improve in sports-specific skill sets.

Do you like to exercise? How do you fit it in with what you do in your day? Please share in the comments section.

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