We’ve reviewed the game Ticket to Ride on this blog before and it is rapidly becoming one of our family favourites. But Asmodee games contacted me again and asked me if I could review it, and I agreed if I could give the second copy of the game away to one of my lucky readers.

Over the last weekend, we finally managed to persuade dad to come and sit down with us and play Ticket to Ride, and it was a complete ding-dong of a game.

Ticket to Ride America

As you can probably see the object of the game is to claim train routes between cities in America. You get points for claiming short routes between two cities and bigger points at the end for constructing longer unbroken routes between cities.

The thing that makes this game so good is that there is a big reveal at the end in which lots and lot of points are added and subtracted. So, unlike most games, it is almost impossible to know as the game progresses who is winning. So everybody stays upbeat for the whole game, unlike some games where I have found my children’s’ attention span and morale wandering when it becomes clear they are not going to win.

ticket to ride Europe
Please be a sweetie and pin this

In the game above my son (playing black) successfully completed three long routes and ended up winning the game. I played red – I successfully completed four short routes and one medium length one, but my failure to complete the long one that I had (I was one card short!), meant that I lost a huge number of points and finished up last.

Dad on Green, mmmananaged to complete a lot too, but one route he had  was blocked off right at the beginning as the two routes to a station he needed were takekn by othehrs. So he learned  the lesson for next tie to grab the criitical routes early.

All in all, it was a great game and we were still discussing it days afterwards.  I  know we will go on to play this game many more times, and I’m hoping that soon we will be able to get all four of us around the table to play.

Ticket to Ride is available on Amazon (affiliate link) and is suitable for all children who can read a bit and count up to 10.

Ticket to  Ride Giveaway

So the nice people at Asmodee have sent me another copy of Ticket to Ride which I can give away to one of you.

This time they have  sent me the European version

The game is exactly the same, but the map is a map of Europe instead of America.

So if you would like to get hold of a copy of Ticket to Ride then please fill in the Rafflecopter below. I think it would make a great game for any family for Christmas.

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