Having adults and children living within a building may not necessarily mean that it feels like a genuine family home. Although you may have all you need to survive and grow, sometimes it may be possible to feel happier in the space simply by changing its atmosphere. Adjusting a few décor choices, as well as how you use a room, can make all members of the family feel welcomed and loved in every room of your home.

One of the more obvious ways that you can create a family environment can be through the artwork you have on display. This could involve actual pictures your children have created, copies of birth certificates, family photos, or even educational posters. For a really classy effect, you might want to consider the use of prints on canvas backings. You can order photo prints online which will then be printed on canvas, as opposed to photo paper or card. Hanging these up can give a wonderful 3D effect, enabling you to showcase photos of your favourite people and memorable family events. You could opt to hang prints in bedrooms, but also consider the more communal areas, such as the kitchen or living room. Even bathrooms and hallways could be spruced up with a few personal prints that show some of your wonderful memories.

Another way you can create more of a family atmosphere can be by allowing each individual to put some of their personality into the home. This could mean discussions for areas that everyone tends to use, but also that parents might want to consider their children’s thoughts and preferences when it comes to redecorating their bedrooms. In particular, teenagers may want their personal space to look a certain way, often aligning with their interests. Giving your children this level of freedom may allow people to feel like members of a household and family, rather than simply people who exist in the space because they don’t have a choice.

The cleanliness of the home is also important. While some people may like to live with more clutter than others, this may not actually be helpful, or hygienic. You may want to try and keep on top of the household cleaning to improve each member’s mental health, as well as the general appearance of the home. By setting out age-appropriate chores for each person living there, you may also be able to help create more of that family dynamic simply by getting everyone to chip in and take responsibility for their living space.

Helping your house to feel more like a family home doesn’t need to involve spending a lot of money, or making overly large changes. You may find that little additions, as well as giving each person an opinion, can go a long way. On top of this, general upkeep can really help to make people want to be in the home. Alongside the interior itself, you may also want to consider the ways you all use the space, as well as the quality time you spend together within it.