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Are you ready to stop wasting your precious time blogging?

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Sara Bussandri

Is blogging an integral part of your business? Do you blog consistently, week in and week out? Or maybe you manage to publish a blog post here and there, from time to time. But you struggle to keep up. And that’s simply because you just don’t have the time! 

Content creation takes (a lot of) time and dedication. And of course, if blogging isn’t just a passion but something that allows you to earn money and grow your business, then you totally owe it to yourself to save some time in the process!

But how do you do that exactly? 

A 5-step process to batch write your blog posts

Have you ever come across the idea of batching? Do you already do that with some of the key tasks in your business? 

Podcasters do it. YouTubers do it. They don’t just rock up on a Tuesday morning (or whenever their content publication day is) and create the content there and then. They plan their episodes way in advance, record a few of them at once, and then edit them (or send to their editors) and do all the other tasks on another day. 

Why shouldn’t bloggers and business owners who publish business blogs do it too?

Some of my clients tell me they’d love to be able to blog regularly for their business. But often it can take them up to 8 hours to create a blog post! That’s a whole working day! And if you’re aiming for 4 blog posts a month (one a week), we’re talking about dedicating a whole day to blogging. And not all of us can afford to do that. 

So that’s where batching comes in. And during the Blogging Mums Club Conference, I’m going to teach you my 5-step process to batch-write all your blog posts.

What is batching and why does it help? 

If you’re a natural writer or if blogging is at the core of what you do, you might not need to start batching. But if blogging is a key part of your wider content strategy, or if you don’t feel confident or comfortable with writing, then batching can be a real life-saver. 

When batching your written content, you get to group similar tasks together. The key is to then dedicate some time to each of the tasks without getting distracted by others. Instead of working on one blog post at the time, you work on however many blog posts you’ve decided to create for the whole month. 

By doing that you get to:

  • Maximise concentration. 
  • Increase productivity.
  • Expand your creativity.
  • And, overall, save time! 

What’s not to like, right? 

batch write

How I came up with the batching process

So why am I talking to you about batching? I’m Sara, and I’ve been writing blog posts since 2015. In 2016, I launched my own lifestyle blog, Mind your Mamma, and in 2018 I started my own business as a Content Writer, after leaving a career in corporate behind, where I was doing something entirely different! (And if you’re wondering why I left, like so many of us, it’s obviously because of the kids!). 

Over the last 18 months, I’ve written and published hundreds of long-form business blog posts for personal brands, podcasters, and small businesses. With a few clients on the go every single month, I felt I was wasting a huge amount of time switching between clients and tasks. 

I’d have to go from researching a piece on Alzheimer’s, for example, to editing a blog post on digital content marketing. And every time, it’d take my brain ages to get into gear! Before I finally felt ‘in flow’ with an activity it was time to go and pick up the kids from school! 

I had to come up with something better. For my own sanity (and enjoyment), and of course to ensure I could provide the best service to my clients. 

And that’s when I came up with the batch-writing concept. 

batch write
Batch write your blog posts

Testing the batching concept

I started batching my blog writing back in October 2018. For a few months, I tested it on my own blog posts and then on my clients’. I tweaked and changed the process until I was 100% happy with it. And from the first month, I saw results. Batching allowed me to take on more clients and do the same amount of work in less time. (And probably to a better standard, too!). 

Around January 2019, I started writing about the process, sharing it with bigger brands, teaching it in local workshops (Ealing and Chiswick, if you’re familiar with the West London area), inside online memberships, and walking business owners through it in my one-to-ones focused on Business Blogging.

One of the attendees of my in-person workshops, local superstar Jo Brianti said: 

“As a result of attending [Sara’s workshop], I have had a guest blog scheduled for publishing, with a request for additional blogs and have included regular blogging in my content plan with 4 drafted ready for editing.”

(Jo did say some other lovely things too, so if you want to read her full recommendation, you can check it out on my LinkedIn profile). 

Ready to get results and start to batch-write your blog posts?

So are you ready to learn how to batch write your blog posts and start writing more consistently and in less time? I’m excited to share my trialled-and-tested process with you all at the Blogging Mums Club Conference, so make sure you book yourself onto my talk How to Batch Write Your Blog Content on Tuesday, 24th September at 11 am

See you there!

About Sara Bussandri

Sara Bussandri is a Digital Content Writer who specialises in helping podcasters and small business owners with blogging and re-purposing audio/video into standalone blog posts. She’s passionate about helping business owners to embrace blogging. At home, she is a mum of 3 boys who works around school runs, laundry loads, and football matches.

You can connect with Sara on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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