As I write this, we are three months into the pandemic lockdown situation in the UK. Things are starting to ease but everyone is stressed and worried. It may or may not be too soon to ease lockdown for the sake of our health, but at the same time it is critical that we restart the economy for all of our financial health. There is plenty to worry about, and we are all stressed from the last three months living on top of our families or in isolation.

I think we all know that the next few months and possibly years are going to be bad  – we just don’t know how bad yet. So is there any wonder that bad news and negative thinking seems to be gaining a foothold on the television, in the printed media and also on social media too.

I am creating my own happiness

Debbie O’Connor

So I want to issue a challenge to anyone that is reading this. I challenge you to think positive thoughts as much as possible over the next seven days and see if it brings any more joy to your life and helps to ease your burden of worry and stress.

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Go on – I dare you to join me for a seven-day positivity challenge.  At worst you will spend (waste?) a couple of minutes a day for the next week writing some stuff down – at best you will discover a new journaling habit that will help keep your mood elevated when the proverbial excrement gets into the air conditioning –  coming to a town near you very soon…..

So this is Day 1 and let’s begin with a question


Why Should you think Positively?

If you are seriously worried right now, either about your or your family’s health, financial situation or both, you might be looking at me like I am mad.  “Can’t you see it’s all going to heck?” What good would positive thinking do when anyone can see it’s a total disaster out there?

So let’s make a list of reasons why you want to think more positively.

The main reason is no matter what is actually happening out there, thinking positively and keeping your mood elevated is good for you!  You might not be aware of the many ways it can benefit you! So, here are some amazing reasons to be more positive every day.

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Debbie O’Connor

You Can Reduce Your Anxiety and Depression

First of all, if you feel unhappy in general, or struggle with depression or anxiety, you definitely want to learn how to think more positively.

Positive thinking alone is not going to cure these mental illnesses, but it can help reduce some of their side effects. If your anxiety disorder causes severe panic attacks any time you worry about a specific thing, and you then learn how to think more positively about that, you might just learn how to cope better and ease those panic attacks a little.

It is also going to help you with general happiness and mood each day, so that you are not as triggered or affected by some of the negative things that you might hear about.


Stress Doesn’t Affect You as Much

In addition to helping with anxiety and depression, thinking positively can also help tremendously with your stress levels. Stress can affect just about every area of your life, including your physical and mental health, home life, work and relationship with co-workers, personal relationships, and so much more.

To get a handle on your stress, start to learn how to think more positively.

You Develop Better Coping Skills

Another great benefit to keep in mind is that you can learn how to cope better with what life throws at you. You can’t prevent anything negative from happening in your life, as that is what makes us human. But you can definitely control how you react to unexpected situations, and learn how to cope a little better.

When you are a more positive person, you take these little hiccups as learning experiences. You are able to see the good and bad in any situation, and find at least one positive thing to say about it. This can really help you deal with anything from losing a job or ending a relationship, to a traumatic event.

I live fully and I enjoy every moment

Debbie O’Connor

You Surround Yourself with Positivity

Don’t forget that your attitude and moods are contagious. You have probably felt the atmosphere change when someone who is down and gloomy enters a room. You can do that to others too if you are not careful.

We will talk about this more later in the challenge, but for now, you should know that when you are more positive, the people you interact with are more likely to be as well. It spreads rapidly throughout other people, so you are actually helping everyone in your life to be surrounded by more positivity.

Thank you for joining us on day one of the Positive Thinking Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here

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