Due to the strange times we live in, we now know that we need to use hand sanitiser before going into shops, after touching public surfaces and we also know that we should sing Happy Birthday while we wash our hands, several times a day.

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t think about hand sanitiser much before the pandemic hit. I certainly wasn’t a regular user and possibly even looked sideways at those who used it, as I would have considered, obsessively. But now I happily spritz along with the rest, whenever the opportunity presents itself

But why? Why is hand sanitiser so important? And why should we use it so often?

For some insider scoop and answers to these questions and any other sanitiser-related questions you might have, I’m joined by Ocean Free, the leading hand sanitiser manufacturer in the UK.

Why is hand sanitiser important?

Hand washing, in general, is important. Whether you choose to wash your hands with soap and water or with hand sanitiser, hand washing is important to protect yourself and the others around you from illnesses and diseases by killing germs, bacteria and viruses.

But why is hand sanitiser important in particular? Hand sanitiser is the perfect solution for hand hygiene when you are out and about and there is no water and soap available. It’s a convenient, lightweight and easy-to-use way to keep your hands clean. Ocean Free hand sanitiser has been tested to kill 99.999% of bacteria plus, it has been proven to be effective against viruses and yeast – a great option to have in your purse, bag or in your office drawer.

Can children use hand sanitiser?

Yes, under adult supervision. Hand sanitiser can be used by adults and children alike to keep their hands clean but when it comes to children and hand sanitiser, it’s important to teach kids how to safely and effectively use it. If your children go to school in the UK, you will probably find they already know how to use it, as teachers have been making sure children clean their hands obsessively throughout the school day in most institutions this year.

Fizzy Peaches posted an article dedicated to children and the safety of hand sanitiser, where it is mentioned that it’s essential to “promote the safe use of hand sanitiser”. Plus, always keep an eye on your little one when they are using hand sanitiser to ensure they are not putting it in their mouths or licking their hands!

When should we use hand sanitiser?

As this article on Family Budgeting mentions, “After touching any public surfaces or goods that have been touched by others, you should use hand sanitiser.” Ocean Free recommends using hand sanitiser after touching germ hotspots, such as lift buttons, door handles and bannister rails.

Is there a proper way of using sanitiser?

Yes, and it involves a little bit more than singing Happy Birthday. Ocean Free published a detailed guide on how to sanitise your hands properly – follow this guide for squeaky clean hands!

What are your thoughts on hand sanitiser? Have you been converted this year?

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