This article discusses the benefits of Audiobooks for Children, and also for parents, allowing them to carve out a little bit of me-time in the midst of the current chaos. Read on to the end and you will find a giveaway of a lovely children’s audiobook by Julia B. Grantham.

Reading to your children is a lovely, rewarding activity but it is not always possible to do it all the time.  There are pressures on busy mums nowadays that might prevent them from this and might lead to the feeling of guilt and frustration… but you don’t always need to READ together, you can LISTEN together too with an audiobook.

Audiobooks for children are a great way to connect with your child.  Your child will be learning a multitude of skills by listening to an audiobook – whilst you are nearby but perhaps juggling your never-ending jobs.     Most of us would agree, there is nothing better than snuggling up with your youngster and enjoying your favourite book.  We all have fond memories of reading classic children’s books and spending time with our little ones reading together.   

Audiobooks are more popular than ever.  The National Literacy Trust conducted a survey during lockdown, and interviewed 4,141 children and young people aged 8 to 18 in the UK, between May and early June 2020.    The survey found that 1 in 4 of those who took part said they listened to audiobooks more than before the lockdown.   This number was only 1 in 6 before then.

We’ve teamed up with children’s author Julia B. Grantham to show you how listening to children’s audiobooks can be a fantastic way to bond with your child, while helping your child’s learning and development.  We’ll also give you some working mum tips for banishing the guilt so you can share the love of reading with your child, even when you’re on the go.

But as a busy working mum, there is always a never-ending ‘to-do’ list to keep up with, both for at work and home.  And whether you are working at home or rushing from work to childcare, you can still enjoy the love of books together.

Julia B. Grantham, is the author of the audiobook ‘A Mole Like No Other’, and also a psychotherapist and medical doctor.  Here she gives her insight into the benefits of listening to children’s audiobooks:

  • Audiobooks are perfect for busy parents, listening to an audiobook on the go will help you share a story together, whilst loading the dishwasher or preparing tomorrow’s packed lunch. 
  • Audiobooks can be incredibly immersive – the change in character’s voices and storyline can take you and your child off to another world and help your child to understand the story better. When you listen to the sounds of the words and passages being read, audiobooks can actually help improve children’s vocabulary range and expression.  
  • Parents may find that reluctant readers can benefit from enjoying a story, and perhaps then wanting to follow along in the book, or having the confidence to read the book a little later on in their life.  Being familiar with the language will help improve your children’s desire to want to read.
  • Becoming familiar with a book – or audiobook – by reading or listening to the same book a number of times helps give your youngsters the opportunity to develop a reading habit as well as building confidence, which is an important part of social and emotional development. ‘A Mole Like No Other’ is written with the aim that it can be read to younger children and to be read independently by older children, as they become familiar with the story and characters.
  • There are many life lessons within audiobooks for children, and listening to them together offers the perfect chance to discuss these.  In the audiobook ‘A Mole Like No Other’ the cuddly character, Moley, is very keen to be heard, to be noticed, to find good friends. He makes some mistakes while trying to achieve it, mainly because he is too eager to prove himself. But he is a very helpful mole, who is always the first to rush to help his friends, if they are in trouble. He gradually learns the value of teamwork, learns to rely upon his friends and believe in himself too. He actually learns a lot of important lessons in the course of the story which can be discussed with your child in a relaxed manner.
  • Children who are distracted easily might like to listen to an audiobook whilst doing a craft activity or when eating their lunch. Small chapters are perfect for keeping little minds entertained, but also give the perfect opportunity to pause the book for when it’s time for bed. Chapter books with short chapters are perfect for bedtime reading and listening.
  • Audiobooks for children are great entertainment for long car journeys, especially if you have a child who is prone to sickness and can’t read or look at a screen while travelling in a car. If you have children of different ages and with different tastes, they can each listen to their own story using headphones.

Julia B. Grantham shared with us this feedback she’d received just a couple of days ago from a  busy Mum of two: 

“My 6-year-old was grumpy last night because her 3-year-old brother was making a ton of noise while they were both in their beds (shared room). So, I turned on Moley. The toddler went quiet to listen and ended up falling asleep (desired effect) and my 6-year-old LOVED Moley. She was telling me all about how happy she was that he found a new owner. I’m sure she had happy dreams of Moley and his friends.”

Of course, nothing can replace that special moment of sharing a book together, but audiobooks for children offer an ideal alternative for frazzled mums trying to do it all.

About Julia B. Grantham – author of ‘A Mole Like No Other’

Julia B. Grantham lives in the South of England with her husband, son, two cats, Moley, Owlie and all the other toys that make their appearance in this book; with ducks and pigeons in the garden, chickens across the road, as well as rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and deer, who visit often and hope also to make it into a book one day soon.

Julia is a medical doctor, psychotherapist and a training consultant, but books are her passion. She is a Harry Potter fanatic, an Ambassador for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, a writer and illustrator of Jane Austen-inspired travel fiction, and now – an author of her first book for children.

A Mole Like No Other is currently free with Kindle Unlimited, or can be purchased for £4.99 in paperback on Amazon, or as an Audiobook for only £5.59 on Audible. (disclosure – these are affiliate links)

Giveaway – One copy of A Mole Like No Other as an Audiobook

Julia has agreed that one of my lucky readers can have a copy of “A Mole Like No Other” as an audiobook , so you can try out the benefits for yourself.

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