Most homeowners will want to update their interior from time to time to freshen up and modernise the decor. When you are choosing which rooms to restyle, it’s a good idea to start with your bedroom. This is your sanctuary, your quiet space and you owe it to yourself to ensure that your bedroom is designed to provide you with a relaxing interior where you can rest and unwind.

To create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your bedroom, it’s important that you inject some character and style into your decor. You want a space that is warm and vibrant, not dull and boring. Bringing a little personality into your bedroom design will help to make the design yours. With a bedroom decor that represents your personal tastes and style, you will be able to enjoy your oasis of calm that little bit more. 

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can bring some character and style to your bedroom decor to create an interior you will love.

Stand Out Furniture

While decking your entire bedroom out with the best furniture is expensive, choosing one feature piece will help to create a focal point for your design. Choose something a little different like a white and oak chest of drawers, or a quirky upcycled chair that will stand out in your bedroom design. Including bold design features like this will help you to stamp your personality on your bedroom decor and add some style to your space.

Bold Cushions And Throws

Warm, neutral calming colours are a great choice for the bedroom walls, creating a tranquil peaceful ambience. However, to add a little contrast, don’t be afraid to experiment with bright, bold vibrant colours for your cushions, throws and blankets. Try different fabrics and finishes, mix and match your options and find a style that speaks to your personality. 

Consider Your Lighting

Boring bedroom light installations are the norm. However, instead of a single hanging bulb and a lampshade, you can install a more interesting and exciting lighting fixture that will help to bring some character to the space. Whether you choose a sleek, modern lighting solution, a vintage chandelier, soft accent lighting or a combination of different lighting options, there are plenty of options you can choose from to light up your bedroom decor.

Add Some Houseplants

Bringing some greenery into your bedroom not only helps to improve air quality and makes you feel more relaxed, but they can be a great design addition too. Houseplants help to add contrast and colour to your bedroom’s interior making it feel more alive and vibrant. There are plenty of easy-to-mind houseplants that you can choose from to help you get started with your own indoor jungle. 

Hang Some Photos

There’s no better way to add some character and personality to your bedroom than hanging some photos. Whether it’s family and friends, memorable occasions are photos you have taken on your holidays, framing your own photos ad hanging them on your bedroom walls is the perfect way to truly personalise your space. Be selective with the photos you choose and try to choose images containing colours that complement your interior where possible.

Ensure Your Bedroom Decor Oozes Style And Character

Updating your bedroom’s interior design can be a daunting task. To avoid ending up with a cookie-cutter design straight out of the pages of a magazine, you need to inject some style and personality into your space. Following the tips above, you can ensure that your new bedroom decor oozes character and reflects your personality, style and tastes.

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