Once your blog or website has been running for a few months, you should have plenty of data that will tell you what is working and what needs a bit of adjustment.
Hopefully, you will have made a few sales at this point, so you have a bit more money to invest in our digital marketing efforts. But the tricky thing is deciding exactly where to invest that money in order to show the best results and growth for your business.

Here are some tips to help you understand the data you have and some ideas as to different ways in which you can grow.

First Step – take a look at your Analytics 

The first thing you should do before planning a change is to look at your analytics to see what has been working well for you. Investing more in the areas that work well is a great idea, but also maybe investing to improve the areas that are looking a bit weaker. Your analytics will be able to show you where your audience has come from and what they are interested in. This information will allow you to determine which products or services your business should offer for maximum profit. It can also help with choosing the best social channel(s) for marketing purposes as well.

Some questions you should find the answers to

  • What is the split between desktop and mobile and between Apple and Android, phone and tablet? Once you know what device your customers are using the most frequently, make sure you take a look at your site using that device and see what they are seeing. Can you see anything that could maybe improve the user experience?
  • When people reach your sales page where have they come from? Are you getting good organic traffic from Google? This may suggest that Google ads would be a good thing to invest in. If your traffic comes mainly from one ofr= more social platforms then maybe you want to invest in ads on that platform
  • If you have a blog or write articles on your website to keep it fresh (which is definitely a good idea for most websites), which are the posts that have been read the most. Check two matrics in this area – firstly which posts have had the most pageviews, and secondly, which posts have the longest time spent on page. This information will tell you what type of posts to write more of.

Choose your areas to upgrade from the following:

1 Invest in your Content

If you feel that you are not getting as many views on your blog posts as you would like, or if you have one or two that are succeeding and the rest not so much, then maybe you want to invest in some content. You could hire a copywriter, or maybe think about adding things like video, better images, or more information to your blog posts. Pay attention to the Call to Action on each post too – check the bounce rate for each blog post – ideally, you want people to move to another page in your website once they have read it.

2 Take a Look at your Website design and Hosting

Website design is sadly not a one-off expense. When you first set up you will probably have designed a fairly simple setup and bought some basic hosting. But things in the website design space are always evolving, and as your site grows, it might also outgrow the hosting package that you bought. You may also have ideas about different sections you want to add with the benefit of hindsight.

So once you start growing, it’s great to revisit your website design, structure, and site speed. If you do decide to upgrade your hosting, make sure that you use reliable website migration services to ensure you don’t lose SEO value or domain authority.

3 Google ads

Some businesses can be run without Google Ads, but it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy for many. If you are not using any form of ads to promote your business online, now is the time to start! Not only will this allow potential clients to find what they need much easier, but you’ll also have a better chance at closing sales as well with highly targeted ad campaigns. These ads could link directly to your website or to a landing page where your sales funnel begins. Either way, make sure these advertisements are getting seen by those who matter most!

4 Facebook ads

If your target customer is on Facebook or Instagam then Facebook ads should be a staple in your online marketing plan. So many businesses have made it work for them and then some, so there’s no reason why you can’t either! This will allow your business to gain exposure on an entirely new level and even improve brand recognition!

If you’re unsure where to start with this platform, don’t worry. These recommendations will help get the ball rolling quickly. You’ll also want to ensure these campaigns are adequately tested before investing money into something that might come up short.

There are many different ways to scale a business from home, but the four tips mentioned here have been proven effective time and again. If you follow these tips closely, your online presence will be optimised for success!

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