Working from home can mean long hours and struggling to draw a line between work and leisure time, with the two often merging. However, it’s important to look after yourself. Here are some things you could try.

Saving money where you can

Saving money means you don’t have to put in as many hours earning back the money you spend. This can help you cut down on the long hours you work and set yourself a more realistic and less strenuous work routine.

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Tidy your workspace

By tidying up your workspace, you make it easier to find what you need, especially if you develop a system for where everything goes. This can save time looking for something when you need it, reduce stress and help you be more productive.

You might also discover you have more space for something like a mini-fridge to store cold drinks and healthy snacks if you need them. This stops you from getting distracted by having to go to the kitchen to get these.

Take regular exercise breaks

Taking regular breaks might seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re working to a deadline or have a stack of work to catch up on, but it can help. If you go outside for 10 or 20 minutes to have a short walk, it can give you time to think. You might come up with work-related ideas easier than you would when confined to your home office. Fresh air and exercise are also good for you, and you’ll feel better afterwards.

Reduce your screen time outside of your working hours

Working from home can involve a lot of time on a laptop, tablet or phone. So, when you finish for the day, try to limit your use of these for personal use. If you have specific things you need to do, such as pay a bill online, order a present for someone etc, make a list and don’t be tempted to check your work emails or scroll through social media.

Dress as if you’re going to a workplace

Many people who don’t work from home have the image of home workers as people who spend all day in their pyjamas. However, if you want to get into the right mindset and avoid feeling sluggish, it helps to dress as if you were working in an office with other people. It makes a good impression in virtual meetings and shows your family (and you) that you’re in work mode.

It’s easy to neglect yourself when you don’t have a set routine, so by following some of the steps, you can take better care of yourself by creating clearer boundaries between work and leisure, and save money to reduce how much you need to work.

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