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Whether you have braces as a child or an adult; it can be a tricky time. Braces are a part of life for most of us … some are thankful to have them while some dread trips to the orthodontist and others are indifferent. Either way, all of us can feel self conscious about the way we look with braces on our teeth.

So, here are five ways you can avoid feeling self conscious so that you can focus on how great your teeth will look at the end of the treatment.

1. The colour

The colour you decide to have on your braces is crucial. If you are offered Invisalign invisible braces; take them! They are hardly noticeable and this gives you lots of confidence out in public.

If these aren’t an option then there are plenty of other choices for you to review. People usually find that having white braces will make the teeth look dull or yellow while black braces are too severe and green can look unclean. Blue or pink is usually considered the best colours to opt for because they are trendy and not a natural colour- so it won’t look like you have something wrong with your mouth!

2. Practise the brace smile

Whether you are standing up in class or have a meeting to attend; it is vital to get your smile right! Most people with braces tend to smile with their mouth closed, using their cheek muscles. This smile just looks odd and like you are trying to hide the fact you have braces.

Beautiful braces – by Shutterstock

A more natural smile can be achieved by smiling fully and then closing your lips. This will ensure you have a natural smile and will give you the option to show the bottom un-braced part of your teeth to make your smile seem genuine.

3. Women; use make up!

If you are a woman with braces, you have an advantage over men – make up! Use make up to highlight your eyes as by emphasising another feature on your face, people are less likely to focus on your mouth.

Also, ensure your lips are soft and in good care. Chapped, sore lips look bad but even more so when sat on-top of braces. Using lip balm or rubbing sugar onto your lips will easily solve this problem.

4. The hairstyle

Believe it or not, your hairstyle can really help hide braces. If you have your hair scraped back from your face, your braces will always look more prominent but if you have your hair down or a hairstyle with softer lines then it can ensure your braces don’t look as harsh. If you have to tie your hair up due to work or school then it is a good idea to have something at the front (e.g. a fringe) to help take focus away from your teeth.

5. Clean, clean clean!

Hygiene is so important when it comes to braces. Nothing is more noticeable than an unclean brace. Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes and ensure that you follow all cleaning instructions given by your orthodontist. Remember to check your braces after every meal; no one wants to see what you’ve been eating long after the meal is finished!


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