If you run a small business with a couple of employees, you probably do not need a full-time HR department. However that means that all things staff-related fall to you as the business owner. Staff matters do not finish at the point of recruitment and there is more to managing staff well than just paying them competitive salaries and choosing the right people for the job.

In the best workplaces, you will find happy and committed employees who will happily go the extra mile for their boss. Building this type of work culture takes time and effort, but making your staff feel appreciated will definitely reap huge rewards for you and your business in the long term. Here are some ideas to help you build and strengthen your team.

Listen to them 

In a small business, it should be possible for you to have regular communication with most of your employees, whether that is with regular team meetings, or regular one to one sessions with the employees that report directly to you

When an employee has something that they want to tell you, you should always make time to listen. Whether it is a problem or suggestion they have, make sure that you genuinely take on board their point of view. You can learn a lot from listening openly to your employees, and can often find solutions to your problems in this way or learn different ways of doing things..

You will be able to maintain healthy workplace relationships if you encourage communication, which will help all staff members feel appreciated.

Appreciate Diversity

Diversity can sometimes feel like a bit of a buzz-word right now. I’m sure that you do consider people from different groups when you are recruiting, whether that be people of different nationalities, religions or colour, people with disabilities, or people with different sexuality or gender preferences. But it is also important that you stress the need for everybody to work together as a team

Diversity Speakers can help your employees understand the importance of accepting anyone and everyone in the workplace, which will make new employees feel more comfortable, appreciated, and welcome.

Provide work perks

Providing work perks will sometimes cost your business more money, but, maintaining the happiness of your staff, will make them feel welcome in the workplace, decrease staff turnover, and possibly increase their efficiency.

Asan example, you might want to consider offering long-term maternity leave pay. It is important that your employees can still earn money while on maternity leave. Should they be single parents, they will need a source of income to maintain their bills and provide for their newborns. Therefore, offering work perks such as extended maternity pay will ensure that your employees are happy and feel appreciated. 

Small rewards

A small reward can go a long way. Whenever a member of staff goes out of their way to do something or achieves a goal, it is important to reward them.

Simply giving them an early finish after a hard week, or a small bonus in their pay packet will ensure that you have recognised their efforts. It will encourage them to keep going to achieve more. Funding occasional get-togethers like a Christmas or Summer party, or a meal out to celebrate a work milestone, can also help to foster a good team spirit.

Celebrate Together

If something big and wonderful happens in the business, or when a big project completes, let the staff know that they are part of the reason for the success. Celebrate the big wins together, and be sure to thank the key players that have helped you to make the big thing happen.

Remember small details

Getting to know your staff on a personal basis will enhance relationships, which makes for a happier workplace. 

If you remember the small details about their life that they tell you, then it will make them feel special. It will show that you have listened and have a keen interest in knowing more about them. 

Simple changes to the workplace such as having speakers in and offering rewards can make all the difference in the happiness of your staff. Happy staff are those that feel appreciated, which will help to keep staff focused so they will maintain a positive attitude in the workplace.

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